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Whatcha Reading? + Podcast (February 24th)


Listen, just lie to me and say yes, okay? Okay.

I talk a bit about why I was gone for so long, and what the podcast's future looks like, before getting right into the book discussions for the week. (I skipped doing anything romance Twitter related and didn't get a chance to record the blog recap.) I'm talking about books by Ilona Andrews, Lisa Kleypas, Katee Robert, and Penny Reid. As always, I wrap things up with my current read and audiobook.

This winter weather is crazy. It's been a super warm winter -- NOT normal for us at all -- but we went from near 50s to barely hitting 15 for the high, in less than 24 hours.

Pass the warm blankets and hot cocoa, please!

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What I Read:

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
Narrated by Renee Raudman
4 Stars

✦ 1st POV, heroine only
✦ She’s a powerful Truthseeker who works as a PI; snarky and kickass FTW!
✦ He’s rich and very powerful (ex-military)
✦ Must read series in order; it’s great
✦ More UF with romantic elements than straight up PNR
✦ Heat level is mild, only a couple quick scenes over the 3 books
✦ Fun cast of characters

Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas
Out Tuesday (2/27)
4 Stars

✦ Doctor heroine who takes no shit
✦ Irish hero; former detective, now works for the government
✦ Some fun scenes (ex: SCROTAL CHAFING #nocontextforyou)
✦ Fairly low heat level
✦ Uneven pacing, but overall I really enjoyed
✦ Please say West gets a story next?!

Find all the quotes I shared HERE


Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert
Narrated by Charlotte North
4 Stars

✦ Daughter of an Irish mob boss, running away from that life
✦ He’s her new neighbor . . . oops, surprise, he’s connected to her old life though. He’s a hit man
✦ Age gap (35 to 24, if I recall)
✦ Super hot -- A+ dirty talk, which Robert does well
✦ He’s a bit possessive, but never alphahole IMO
✦ I'm not big on the mafia/darker romances, but I do enjoy this series. It just works for me *shrugs*

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid
1st POV
1 Star

✦ She’s a teacher
✦ He’s a mechanic
✦ She always had a thing for his twin . . . until she kisses him by accident
✦ I had so many problems with slut shaming and shit in it
✦ Some fun lines, sure, but that didn’t save it. At all.
✦ Also why so much drama and stuff thrown in?
✦ And the sex was super disappointing after those kisses

Currently Listening To:

A Duke to Remember by Kelly Bowen

I really enjoyed book 1, so it's time to continue the series.

She's kinda like a PI, he's the missing duke she's sent to find.

Currently Reading:

Virgin Territory by Lia Riley

Out March 6th!

First time with this author. Ginger hockey player? Um, yes please!

Next Up:
Heat Wave by Elyse Springer

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So what are YOU currently reading? 


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