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Pat's Review: Dark Justice: Hunt

Dark Justice: Hunt by Jenna Ryan
Publisher: Entangled: Amara (March 26, 2018)
Series: Dark Justice, 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Dr. Melia Rose and ex-Marine Johnny Hunt had it all. Until one night in Atlantic City changed everything. She’s left shocked, confused, and alone, unable to come to terms with what happened.

Hell, she doesn’t even know what happened; she just knows her life has taken a one-eighty.

Now, Melia’s started over—again—in her secluded, boring life in the swamps of Florida. The people are great, she has a housekeeper who may or may not be Bette Davis reincarnated, and it’s quiet. But when her ex-husband shows up, dropping a bomb of epic proportions, her new life is a whole lot more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

There’s nothing Johnny wants more than to undo the damage from the past. The secrets he’s been carrying have been eating away at him, but protecting Melia was more important than anything else. Even his own life. He managed to save her last time, but the danger is close—too close. In order to save her once more from his demons, Johnny will have to come clean…about everything.

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Pat's Review:

This wild and crazy novel takes you to a myriad of places: Atlantic City, Iraq, Las Vegas, and Deception Cove (located in the Everglades of Florida). Melia Rose, M.D., is madly in love with Johnny Hunt, U.S. Marshall (along with a few other titles). They were happily married and on a quick trip to Atlantic City for a conference and a little bit of gambling. Melia wakes up to her life in shambles, her heart broken and her husband gone. That was three years ago. She now practices in a tiny, sweltering town in the Everglades with an amazing variety of characters. Her housekeeper Gert/Bette Davis, a sheriff with an autistic son and the sheriff’s hovering mother, and Melia’s artist cousin, Joseph, to name just a few. She’s the only doctor in town, so she stays pretty busy.

After three years with no contact, all of a sudden Johnny starts appearing with his boss and a couple friends, supposedly to protect her. When Johnny explains their actions in Atlantic City, Melia questions her Hippocratic oath. She would really like to kill Johnny! But there are still sparks between them, and Johnny won’t leave until she’s safe. It gets pretty difficult when bullets fly, her office explodes, a couple of bombs go off, Gert is poisoned with cyanide, and Melia has to make house calls deep in the Everglades to a variety of eclectic characters.

The banter is very funny, the story a bit confusing and the heat between Johnny and Melia makes the Everglades even hotter. I started to put this down a couple times, but ultimately wanted to know what happens, and found myself holding my breath at the end.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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