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Whatcha Reading? (March 31st)

Another week without a podcast, sorry! I'm still struggling to find that balance -- not enough time in the day and far too many things that need my attention.

Spring is in the air, as it's trying to warm up. The tulips along my sidewalk are trying to peek through the dead weeds from last year. The leaf buds on my lilacs are thinking about it, but it's still too early for them. I do love this time of year. How about you?

This week was pretty uneventful for me IRL. Though there was a late-night baking fail. Hey, at least it still tasted good!

As to romancelandia: Ellie Reads asked about serials, and whether you love or hate them. I'm not a fan, and would prefer to have the entire story at once. What about you?

Also, Jen had her first guest review go up on SmartBitches this week -- not a romance, but rather a book to help you teach your kids about consent. Go check it out!

Finally, don't forget about March's giveaway, which ends tomorrow night (April 1). Find all the details HERE!

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What I Read:

Squared Away by Annabeth Albert
Releases April 16th
4 1/2 Stars
April Royal Pick

✦ Demi (possibly gray ace) SEAL medic
✦ Slightly younger hero of color, aspiring landscaper
✦ They're guardians for 3 kids
✦ Slow (but hot!) burn
     ✦ Intimacy is not focused on sex -- loved that!
✦ Some angst, gave me feels, just loved their story

I think I'm going to try getting a full review up for this one. Maybe? I've been putting off writing it all week so . . . um, we'll see. (Not the book's fault -- it's all on me!)

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Turned On: Take Me Private by Emma Bryson
3 Stars

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ She’s a cam girl, does it for herself, not for the $ or men
✦ He’s a personal trainer
✦ Best friend’s brother trope
✦ Erotic novella, very quick – I liked it
✦ Also, more sex positive via sex workers in romance, please!

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Last Kiss of Summer by Marina Adair
Narrated by Helen Wick
4 Stars

✦ Heroine moves to town, takes over the infamous pie shop (I am a sucker for bakers!)
     ✦ The shop belonged to the hero’s aunt and mother (they're retiring is all, don't worry!)
✦ He owns an apple orchard and brews hard cider
✦ This one just made me smile a lot. Sweet and fun.
✦ Great on audio
✦ Looking forward to book 2 -- former NHL player + his ex-wife's sister + some fake relationship catnip = I'M IN

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Hurts to Love You by Alisha Rai
4 Stars

✦ Unrequited love (heroine)
✦ Age gap (10y)
✦ Tattoo artist hero
✦ Heiress wanting to start her own business
✦ Slow burn, but quite hot eventually
✦ Must read trilogy in order!
     ✦ My least favorite of the series; I didn't feel like the romance here was as fleshed out and shown as I wanted
          ✦ Still a solid read, don't get me wrong!

You can read Jen's review HERE

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Currently Listening To:

Listen to Me by Kristen Proby

First time with this author. Great cover. Also, Sebastian York is one of the narrators so . . . duh, of course I had to pick it up! It's pretty good so far.

Currently Reading:

Ivan by Kit Rocha

It's Kit fucking Rocha. 'Nuff said! You should know by now that I'm a huge fan of their work and this world (including the previous Beyond series). This one is the Princess of Sector One + her bodyguard. YES, PLEASE.

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