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Whatcha Reading? (April 28th)

Either this week has been quieter in romancelandia -- or I've just been avoiding all the drama and big conversations. Regardless, I don't have a lot to talk about this week, which means we can move into the book discussions quickly for once. :)

Good news, Psy-Changeling fans! Nalini Singh just sold 3 more books in the series to Berkley! No mention of release dates yet. You should know by now that I absolutely LOVE this entire series, and the spin-off series, Psy-Changeling Trinity. So while we're waiting for these books, remember that Singh has a new book in that series coming out June 12th!

Need a laugh? Earlier in the week I shared a crazy cover on Twitter. Okay, maybe not CRAZY, because really it's pretty boring and tame . . . except for the title font looks like "NIPPLE EFFECT" (It's actually Ripple Effect.) A reminder to cover designers out there: font matters. A LOT. But hey, at least this cover lead to some laughs! 

It's finally starting to look like spring here in small town Utah. Near 70s most of this week, which means I've had my windows open as much as possible to enjoy that lovely spring breeze and chirping birds. 'Course that also means that the grass is getting out of control. Annnnd of course my lawnmower won't start. *sigh*

Anyone want to come mow my lawn for me? And start watering it? Oh, and also shave Pup 1 while you're at it? No?! Fine. BE THAT WAY THEN. 

No, but seriously, someone make me do all those things this week. And also clean out the closet, which I've been putting off for a month straight.

Enough of my random rambling -- let's move on to the books I read this week!

What I Read:

After the Wedding by Courtney Milan
3 1/2 Stars

✦ Biracial hero
✦ She’s spent years yearning for love/home
✦ Forced marriage--at gunpoint
✦ Eventual annulment b/c she wants to choose
✦ Slow, low burn
     ✦ Like, there's only one very brief scene later in the book
     ✦ Points for both masturbating on page (though those scenes were also short and vague, more focused on their thoughts than what they were physically doing. BUT STILL!)
✦ Emotional, beautiful writing/story
     ✦ SO many quotes that I had to share because they were the words that I needed to hear myself.
✦ Buuuut . . . the romance itself fell a bit flat for me. Not enough time showing them together and actually, you know, building that romance up

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Only You by Denise Grover Swank
Narrated by Loretta Rawlins
3 Stars

✦ Wedding planner
✦ Ex-Marine
     ✦ BTW, I had a problem with this b/c I felt like the author used this as shorthand for "HE'S SUPER MASCULINE! Ok moving on now" but it never actually affects his character. Like, at all. Multiple tours in Afghanistan, years in service, he JUST left the service to come home and yet he's about as much of an average civilian as I am!
✦ He bought the rundown house by her
✦ Oops! Her boss is his mother -- conflict! Forbidden romance!
✦ Narration was great, very enjoyable
✦ Story was fine – except for a lot of “All women are crazy, shallow bitches – except her” BS. That really took the story down for me. Honestly, maybe it should be a bit lower even because of it. AUTHORS, STOP DOING THIS.

Life of Bliss by Erin McLellan
3 1/2 Stars
Out Monday!

✦ Frenemies-with-benefits ➜ fake date needed for a wedding ➜ Shit! How'd WE end up married last night?!
✦ Dancer
✦ Teacher / piano accompanist
✦ Fun with toys! 😉
✦ Sweet, fairly hot – I really liked it
✦ I will say I felt like the switch from "I don't like you (or shouldn't like you)" to "We like each other and we're a cute couple" happened in the blink of an eye. Literally. I wanted to see that gradual change from one to the other!
✦ This is one of those books that I enjoyed . . . but have nothing to say about it. *sigh* Which is not at all helpful, sorry!
✦ Will definitely keep an eye on this author in the future

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

BTW, book 1 is currently $0.99!

Currently Listening To:

The Scandal of It All by Sophie Jordan

Older heroine, younger hero! Widow (duchess) falls for her step-son's best friend. Hold on! I know that sounds a bit . . . iffy, but she's 36 and he's 30. Still that forbidden feeling and conflict, but it's not as bad as it may sound at first. Her late husband was much older than her, so the step-son, and therefore the hero, were closer to her age.

I'm enjoying this one quite a bit. More so than book one, which was just . . . boring? This one's had a bit more going on -- and some good smexy times, too!

Currently Reading:

A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

Taking a brief break from ARCs to finally read this one.

Weeeeeelllllll, technically this one *is* an ARC. An old one, obviously. #BadTBQIsBad

Anyway, the point is I'm finally reading it. She's a grad student right now (epidemiology). He's a prince. She's his long-lost bride-to-be. Yes, please, here for it! There's one scene, when he shows up pretending to be a regular guy, that reminded me a bit of The Prince and Me (royal guy doesn't know how to do anything, like wait tables). It was fun.

BUT THAT COVER THOUGH! I will never get tired of looking at it.

Oh! And if you want to watch my live-tweet of quotes and whatnot, check out this hashtag.

So what are YOU currently reading?

Any fun plans for the weekend? Tell me all the things, basically. :)


Until Next Time,

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