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Whatcha Reading? + Romancelandia Recap (April 7th)

If you were hoping for a quiet week in romancelandia . . . well, that didn't happen. Most of this week has been filled with conversations about racism in the industry/genre, lack of equal opportunities for AOC (authors of color), and various authors, readers, and editors showing their asses.

Like I said, it's been A WEEK.

Please note: none of this is *new*. It's been going on for years, decades, even. And it's not the first time AOC have mentioned these things or told their publishing horror stories. But this week it allllll came out and there was no silencing people, no ignoring it. (Well, I'm sure *some* choose to ignore it, but that's a different story.)

You know what? I'm glad this all came up (again). Maybe now things will start to change, as more and more people (let's be honest here: white people) understand just how bad things are in our community and speak up, take action, and make it change.

As a simple example, there's one small thing bloggers can do right now to help: make it clear on your review policy that you welcome diverse books and authors. And add your info to this thread. As well as the usual: Buy, read, recommend, and promote AOC just like you do your auto-buy white authors.

I will have links at the end of this post to as many threads and posts and tweets as I can find. But there were A LOT and I know I'm missing some. It's not intentional, I promise!

Then we had Eloisa James talk to EW about her upcoming book, and in that interview she showed us all just how problematic and racist the book is.

As if that wasn't enough, there were also readers who demanded "proof" from AOC that their historical romance about POC could actually have a HEA. Becky, your racism is showing again.

Like I said, this week was busy in romancelandia. And not in a good way.

Moving on, I've got a few blog things to talk about. First, Jen created a site to help new romance readers -- or romance readers, period! -- find books. Check it out HERE.

Also, Jen's doing a romance book club in her city --  Chicago -- starting next month. Find out more HERE.

And finally, I'm thrilled to welcome a new reviewer to the blog, Kat! Kat's first review will go up on the 16th, so be sure to check back and keep an eye out for more reviews and posts from her in the future.

As to my week . . . Well, I'll keep it simple: it was another crazy busy week. Hence the lack of podcast. I'm honestly not sure when I'll have a new podcast up. I'm not putting pressure on myself, because I know that won't help. Like, at all. But I'm not giving up on the podcast, either. For now, the hiatus continues.

Without further adieu, let's move on to the books I read this week!

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What I Read:

Listen to Me by Kristen Proby
Narrated by Sebastian York and Arielle DeLisle
4 Stars

Dual 1st POV
✦ Famous musician, now producer
✦ She co-owns a restaurant w/ her friends
     ✦ Love the friendship, btw -- especially when they get drunk with her after the breakup
          ✦ Definitely want to read the rest of the series; next one involves "Shit, I've been in love w/ my friend's brother for years but he doesn't like me like that . . . right?!?"
✦ Pretty damn hot
✦ Some sweet/cute moments
    ✦ His notes/deliveries when groveling were good
✦ A few minor gripes w/ the story, but overall a good listen
     ✦ Especially with York as one of the narrators, let's be honest ;)

Ivan by Kit Rocha
4 1/2 Stars
April Royal Pick

✦ Youngest princess of Sector One
✦ Her bodyguard (older)
     ✦ He doesn’t think himself worthy of her *sobs*
✦ Super hot. Shower. Dancefloor. Locked bathroom. UNF.
✦ Fun interactions w/ the other Riders
✦ Sets up for future books nicely, great world building and plot like always

Jen and I are doing a (fangirl) joint review next week!

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis
Narrated by Karen White
3 Stars

✦ Small town vet
✦ Rich city girl leaves her life, becomes his receptionist
✦ Typical Shalvis – easy read, cute and fun
     ✦ Heat level, also typical Shalvis: moderate, not explicit, but still fairly hot
✦ Considering everything going on in romancelandia right now, I was side-eyeing the hero being biracial (NA + W)
     ✦ Also b/c that's how his mother is described: Native American. Not a specific tribe -- as if they're all interchangeable. Don't do this, people.
     ✦ And of course she abandoned her kids (harmful stereotype)

My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne
Narrated by Kirsten Potter
DNF @ 6%

He can’t keep it in his pants when she is passed out from a head injury and he goes so far as to play with her pubic hair while undressing her. BUT DON’T WORRY, HE’S NOT *THAT* KIND OF MAN, HE DOESN’T FORCE WOMEN (his words to her later). Fuck off, dude, fuck off.

More info on why I quit this book HERE

Currently Listening To:

Just What I Needed by Lorelei James

I had some problems with book 1 last year, let's see if this one is any better. Please let it at least be better than the Bourne one I just DNFed...

Currently Reading:

Pretending He's Mine by Mia Sosa

Out 04/10

Almost done! DONE. Loved this one, more next week.

Best friend's little sister (the friend is also the hero's client, so double no-no). A bit of a fake relationship for part of the book. So much fun!

Syncopation by Anna Zabo

Out 04/10

I'm a sucker for a good rockstar romance and these two are bandmates, one identities as pan and aro, Oh, and it's kinky. YES PLEASE.

Want a peek at how hot? I shared a NSFW excerpt yesterday, find it HERE!

Miscellaneous Links

So what are YOU currently reading? Tell me about your week, your recent books, or even your thoughts on what went on in romancelandia this week.


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