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Royal Anticipations: June 2018

It's that time aagain! Damn it, where did May go?!

This time I've got 28 romances hitting shelves in June -- a combination of ones that I'm dying to read, some that Jen has her eye on, and some that sound really interesting. Get those pre-order fingers ready!

June 4th/5th:

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
Contemporary Romance

✦ Heroine has Asperger's
✦ She's all about that data life (creates algorithms for sites)
✦ She wants to learn how to be better at sex -- so she hires an escort (the hero)
✦ He's biracial (Vietnamese and Swedish)

The One You Can't Forget by Roni Loren
Contemporary Romance

✦ TW: This series is set around survivors of a high school shooting (now adults)
✦ She's an attorney
✦ In fact, the same one who helped his ex screw him over in the divorce
✦ He saves her from a mugging and things get complicated from there
✦ Chef hero

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Real kind of Love by Sara Rider
Contemporary Romance

✦ Fake relationship catnip!
✦ She's an audiobook narrator
✦ He owns a brewpub
✦ Struggling to record an erotic book, she books a cabin to find her muse, tells her family she's on a romantic trip instead -- and when they show up to meet the imaginary guy, she has to find a real guy ASAP

Only $0.99!

Your Heart Will Grow by Chace Verity
Fantasy Romance -- Queer

✦ Mermaid!
✦ Can I say it again, just because? MERMAID!
✦ When she's arrested for pissing off the Prince, she meets the hero -- a prison guard
✦ Hero is trans and dreams of becoming an Abosolute, one of the Kingdom's most elite guards
✦ This just sounds cute and interesting and different from most PNR/fantasy we're probably used to

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What Happens in Summer by Carmen Pineiro
Contemporary Romance

✦ Second chance
✦ Secret baby
✦ Meet up / fling at a wedding
✦ Heroine of color (Latinx)
✦ Okay, but that cover is cute!
✦ Book 1 is currently $0.99!

Threat of Danger by Dana Marton
Romantic Supense

✦ Second chance
✦ They were kidnapped by a serial killer, escaped and went their separate ways
✦ She's Hollywood's hottest stuntwoman now
✦ He's a former SEAL, now writing bestseling thrillers
✦ But it's not just their love getting a second chance -- so is the killer

Scandal with a Sinful Scot by Karyn Gerrard
Historical Romance

✦ Second chance
✦ Secret baby
✦ She's a widow now
✦ He left her years ago b/c of his fear of the "family curse", still worries about it now

Seduced by the Badge by Deborah Mello
Romantic Suspense

✦ Chicago detective (hero)
✦ Atlantic detective (heroine)
✦ They're assigned as partners to a case
✦ He's all about control and rules
✦ She's focused on revenge for her sister, has a temper

In Bed with the Beast by Tara Sivec
Contemporary Romance

✦ Beauty and the Beast theme! My favorite
✦ She's a shy librarian trying to save her town's library
✦ When she's kicked out of her dad's place and has no where to go, the hero offers to let her stay with him
✦ Grumpy, mysterious hero

June 11th/12th:

Ocean Light by Nalini Singh
Paranormal Romance

✦ First off -- it's Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling world. 'NUFF SAID
✦ He's a security specialist
✦ Time's running out for him (experimental program involving a chip in his brain)
✦ She was a scientist, now a chef
✦ Seriously though, just read this series. I know, I know, so many books at this point, it's daunting. But check your library, I'm sure they'll have them and they are SO GOOD.

Whiskey Reveals by Carrie Ann Ryan
Contemporary Romance

✦ Shit! His 1NS is now moving to town permanently. Can you say "complicated"?
✦ He's a writer
✦ She's a former dancer, looking to open her own dance studio
✦ I haven't read book 1 yet but overall I really do enjoy CAR's books -- and she's got a lot so you can do some serious backlist dives! :)

Inside Darkness by Hudson Lin
Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ Aid worker, returns home with PTSD and turns to alcohol
✦ Journalist 
✦ The two first met while in Kenya, but nothing happened (beyond tension and teasing)
✦ Now they're both in the same city again (NYC)

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After the Gold by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese
Contemporary Romance

✦ Long-time ice skating partners finally turn into lovers!!
✦ Olympic winners (gold) set to retire
✦ Now they're on a tour of America with fellow Olympic winners
✦ And the tension and chemistry that's always been there is becoming too much to ignore
✦ She wants to go back to her hometown, he planned on staying in the city -- can they finally make this work off the ice?
✦ Okay, the cover is fucking GORGEOUS.
✦ And I'm so excited for this because it's basically going to give me romance for Tessa and Scott (the infamous Canadian skating couple from the 2018 Winter Olympics) YES PLEASE

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Room Service by Fiona Riley
Contemporary Romance -- F/F

✦ Coworkers to lovers (kinda)
✦ One does interior designs
✦ The other is the new liaison for the company
✦ Jen has read one previous Fiona Riley book -- Strike a Match -- which she really enjoyed! You can find her review HERE or buy that book HERE

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Her Super Secret Rebound Boyfriend by Kerri Carpenter
Contemporary Romance

✦ Shy librarian
✦ Architect
✦ As the title says: he's supposed to be her rebound (thanks to her friend's suggestion)
✦ Oops, she crashed someone else's HS reunion -- also thanks to the BFF's suggestion
✦ He won't tell on her if she agrees to be his fake girlfriend at an upcoming family reunion

Scotland or Bust by Kira Archer
Contemporary Romance

✦ She takes off to Europe, ends up playing tour guide at a castle
✦ One night she ends up in the wrong bed -- her boss's
✦ His family assumes they're together, especially since he's known to go through women/employees like crazy
✦ So he decides to go with the assumption, to get his family off his back

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Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden
Contemporary Romance -- F/F

✦ Rivals to lovers!
✦ They're both professional surfers
✦ Set on out-doing the other, even though at least one is actually ready to step down from the pro life
✦ This one sounds cute. Plus surfers? That's new (for any gender pairing, really).

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A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection by Beverly Jenkins
Contemporary Romance

✦ 5 short stories/novellas
✦ Music producer + aspiring singer
✦ 1NS at a holiday masquerade ball
✦ Second chance: Broadway star + chef
✦ Workaholic attorney + pilot meet in Hawaii
✦ General manager of a sports team + the owner's daughter

June 18th/19th:

Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean
Historical Romance

✦ He's the bastard son of a duke, king of London's underbelly
✦ He's after revenge, and needs the perfect temptress to set the trap
✦ Ends up in the heroine's bedchamber with a proposition
✦ Which she agrees to because this wallflower is mighty intrigued by the idea of passion . . .
✦ It's Sarah MacLean -- 'NUFF SAID!
✦ Jen and I are both excited about this one

Bed of Flowers by Erin Satie
Historical Romance

✦ She's set to marry the town's bachelor and bring security to her family
✦ Until the hero, who ruined her family once before, shows up and tells her not to
✦ She must choose between doing what's expected of her and possibly believing -- and loving -- a man everyone is telling her to hate
✦ Enemies to lovers
✦ The cover is gorgeous
✦ And it's only $0.99!

Vampire's Faith by Rebecca Zanetti
Paranormal Romance

✦ Vampire King ✦ She's a doctor
✦ He wasn't supposed to have survived (sacrificed himself for the good of the world) -- yet here he is
✦ And more importantly, he woke up only to finally find his mate
✦ Book 1 is currently $2.99, if you're interested!

Untamed Cowboy by Maisey Yates
Contemporary Romance

✦ Friends to lovers alert!
✦ She's had a crush on him for years
✦ They work together at the town's vet clinic
✦ Suddenly he finds out he has a son
✦ Yates has such cute, happy covers
✦ I've enjoyed her books, though I've only read a couple so far

June 25th/26th:

It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday
Contemporary Romance

✦ Heroine of color (Asian)
✦ Best friend's brother trope
✦ She's the maid of honor, he's a groomsman
✦ Tension is high between them . . .
✦ . . . so of course they throw in a little competition into the mix: who can throw the best bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas?
I really enjoyed book 1 so I'm excited

Getting Schooled by Emma Chase
Contemporary Romance

✦ Second chance (highschool sweethearts)
✦ Former star quarterback is now the school's football coach / teacher
✦ She returns home to help with her family and to be a substitute teacher at the school
✦ He offers to show her the ropes at the school
✦ I really enjoy Chase's books

One for the Rogue by Manda Collins
Historical Romance

✦ Geologist heroine who has no interest in romance
✦ Lord and fossil hunter who is always trying to steal her thunder, if you will
✦ But when she's in danger during a trip, she may need his protection -- and a little fake relationship -- to keep her safe

On the Move by Aislinn Kearns
Romantic Suspense

✦ He's hired to rescue a kidnapped socialite from the Amazon rainforest
✦ She's more than he expected -- she's not just a high-maintenance socialite, she's been using her privilege to help others

Moonlight Seduction by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Contemporary Romance (w/ suspense)

✦ CW: Cancer Treatment of Parent, Violent physical assault and attempted sexual assault (on page) 
✦ Second chance
✦ He's filthy rich, has a family curse
✦ Set in New Orleans
✦ She's the daughter of his family's housekeeper and butler 
✦ Jen will have a review up in a few weeks -- she liked it (3 1/2 Stars)

The Darkest Warrior by Gena Showalter
Paranormal Romance

✦ He's a "beastly prince" (houses a demon)
✦ She's human, but fated to be his mate and warrior queen (will transition into an immortal)
✦ I'm so behind on Gena's books, but I used to freakin' love all of her paranormals in the past and I really would like to get back into them. Though maybe not with this one yet, since this is quite far into the series lol

Remember, every Tuesday I do a New Release post, with all the romances out that week. Or if Twitter is more your thing, I do the same new release thread there every Tuesday morning. :)

So what June releases are YOU most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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