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Whatcha Reading? (May 19th)

Let's just rip the band-aid off, shall we? This week, RT (RomanticTimes convention) was going on in Reno. It's the last RT con, as the magazine/site is shutting down in the next month, and the there will no longer be any more yearly conventions. There's going to be a new con, being called a similar/replacement con, next year from Book Lovers Con. But even though I've never been to RT (it was a dream though, so this was a kick in the gut to me), I'm pretty confident it won't be the same as RT. Also, there's a problem with their current lineup of authors for May 2019's event being all white and all writers of MF romances. Listen: you should start something the way you wish to continue it. And if your list of authors is all white and cishet writers? I don't trust that you're going to ever change that VERY TELLING mentality "in the coming months/years".

So that was a blow to the romance community. I know that not everyone had a great experience with RT cons. (And those are also valid experiences, don't get me wrong!) But one cannot deny that RT -- both the magazine and especially the convention -- was a huge part of this industry, this community. And I don't think there's going to be any smaller cons that can try to replace it. Like I said, never been to RT, or any romance related event -- hell, I've never been out of my state, but I digress -- but it was always this dream of mine. Even though I knew the price for such a trip and event would never, ever be in my future. It was still this "but maybe someday . . . . " option for me. And now it's gone. I've had this feeling for a few years, which I just figured was my FOMO and anxiety talking, that I would never get to RT before the event became a thing of the past. Well, guess my anxiety brain was actually right. Yay? (Not.)

Remember, there's still time to join the #RomBkLove fun on Twitter -- new prompts every day, but you can always search through previous topics. So much fun. So many great books. HIDE YOUR WALLET FIRST. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Want a laugh? I was trying to do a Very Series Tweet earlier this week, and my phone corrected "quaking orgasm" to "QUACKING orgasm". Worse, I didn't even notice the mistake until the next day. Yeah, I'm still hiding my head in the sand over that mistake. QUACK QUACK QUACK OOOOOOOOOH. ;)

As to my reading week, this week should be renamed the week of the fours -- 4 star reads across the board! Except for my last read, which is a Royal Pick. So let's get into the book chats, shall we?

What I Read:

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
Narrated by Lorelei King
4 Stars

✦ 1st POV, UF (so no HEA in this bk)
✦ Grim reaper / PI
✦ He’s the son of Satan
✦ Just a fun and entertaining read, some good sexual tension teased throughout
           ✦ Did I mention last week about how she has wet dreams and owns her horny-feels? 'CAUSE I LOVE THAT IN A HEROINE
           ✦ BTW, they do get one sex scene in the last ~5% or so and it's pretty decent (not overly graphic or long but I was still a happy enough reader!)
✦ Definitely going to continue the series

Stripped by Tara Wyatt
4 Stars

✦ A hot 1NS . . .
✦ . . . Turns complicated: Shit, YOU'RE my new partner?!
✦ Detectives (elite team)
✦ He has to go undercover as a male stripper
✦ Really damn hot
✦ Can’t wait for the rest of this series! The suspense/revenge plot is not wrapped up in this one, so that will continue in the next book(s).
✦ Book 2 will have the "rich boy" on the team going undercover at an elite preschool . . . and falling for the assistant principal. HERE FOR IT!
✦ Seriously, I just had a good time with this one. Partly for the Magic Mike vibes, sure, but just the characters and chemistry and writing in general. :)

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Good Girl by Lauren Layne
Narrated by Loretta Rawlins and Eric Michael Summers
4 Stars

✦ 1st POV (sometimes they break the 4th wall, btw)
✦ Famous country singer needs to get away
✦ Rents a country mansion from the hero –  except he pretends to be the caretaker
✦ Some super hot scenes!
     ✦ I mean, DAMN! Him fingering her. Her tying him up to give him a BJ. IT'S ALL GOOD TRUST ME
✦ Narrators did a great job, too, and added to my enjoyment of this book even though there were a few things that I didn't LOVE about this one
     ✦ Like the fact that he doesn't tell her who he really is until about 80% -- UGH
     ✦ And he's sometimes an ass to her -- but he's a self-aware ass who is doing it to push her away (b/c feels) and KNOWS what he did wrong. Still wanted to kick him when he acted that way, but I didn't HATE hate him for it. He wasn't an un-redeemable asshole -- and that's important for me
✦ Even so, I had a great time with this one and I'll be looking for more of her books (luckily my library has quite a few, I think.)

Moan: Anonymous Essays on Female Orgasm by Emma Koenig
4 Stars

If you’re interested in women’s sexuality, especially when presented through informal essays from a ton of women (mostly het, but some queer), this is a great read. I shared a ton of quotes -- ones that spoke to me, ones that were fun, ones that were fucking truth -- and, yes, a few that I very much disagreed with. I'm glad I took the chance on this ARC; I never accept non-romance review requests, an d definitely never for non-fiction titles, but this one is just so on brand for me and ended up being a great read, one that made me consider my own sexuality.

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Riven by Roan Parrish
Out May 29th
4 1/2 Stars

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ Lead singer who doesn't love the attention
✦ Former musician
     ✦ Recovering addict, trying to put his life together again
✦ The writing is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL; I forgot how Roan has a way with words. Just amazing descriptions and whatnot ("and whatnot" --- this is why I'm not a writer :P)
✦ I just fucking loved these two together

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Currently Listening To:

The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

TW: Rape, etc. Not a light historical read, so please know that before you pick up this author.

He's an assassin, hired to kill her and take her son away. She's an actress with a secret. For some reason he just can't seem to kill her . . . but he IS very interested in kissing her . . . 

Currently Reading:

What Kind of Day by  Mina V. Esguerra 

Out May 31st
Pre-Order for only $0.99!

First time with this author (though I have at least one other title in my TBR). Set in Manila (the Philippines). He's a speechwriter, accidentally steps onto a tour guide bus of the city, which is where he meets the heroine: she's the tour guide.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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