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Whatcha Reading? (May 26th)

Remember CockyGate? Which is still . . . Well, I actually don't know what's going on with that hot mess, but I'm sure some authors/etc. are still dealing with that. But this week we had ForeverGate try to happen. I say try because the author tried to blame the trademarking on an agent, and then a lawyer, and then on someone that's been impersonating her for years (where?!?) before finally saying it was a giant misunderstanding and the application for the trademark -- a trademark for the word forever in a romance title/series -- was being pulled. Again, I'm not sure what's going on with THIS hot mess, either, but I can guarantee you that it was not just a "misunderstanding" nor is there some random person out there trying to steal this author's identity and spend BIG MONEY on trademarking a word using her name. But whatever, Jan.

Rombklove is still going on, and Jen did another post for it, this time on what makes a romance "steamy". Go check it out! 

Covers/New Books:

Farrah Rochon released the gorgeous cover for her June release, Cherish Me! Oh! And the pre-order is up.[I've got this one on my review list, can't wait!]

Sarah MacLean shared the title for book 2 in her Bareknuckle Bastard series (out next year). Book 1 comes out June 19th

The weather's heating up here and still my yard is out of control. Someone want to come fix my mower? Or just mow my yard? No? Damn.

I had a lovely Thursday, as I spent the entire day with the BFF, eating far too much and binging nearly 12 hours of Gilmore Girls. It was a much-needed fun day for both of us. Just a reminder to all: go out and have fun with a friend -- whether that's actually going out to do something or staying in. It's good for the soul and all that, as cliche as it sounds.

As to my reading week, it wasn't too bad. I finished up my reading log/journal, which I've been using for 12 years. I read 3 books and didn't hate any of them. So let's get into what I read, shall we?

What I Read:

What Kind of Day by Mina V. Esguerra
Releases May 31st
3 1/2 Stars

✦ Set in Manila
✦ She’s a tour guide
✦ He’s a former lawyer / speechwriter
✦ Cute and sweet, more of a HFN ending
✦ Don’t worry, has a nice, mild heat to it 😊
✦ I really liked how they each helped the other on their "bad day" [their romance only covers a few days, with some time apart in between]
✦ Will definitely try more from Mina in the future

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo -- $0.99 until the 31st

The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne
Narrated by Derek Perkins
3 Stars

✦ CW: Rape, violence
✦ Dark, tortured alpha hero
✦ He’s an assassin, hired to kill her and take her son (spoiler: he doesn’t)
✦ She’s an actress
✦ Writing + narration is good but the story itself wasn’t always my fav
✦ For example: his view at one point that she had to pay him -- aka FUCK HIM -- in exchange for him not killing her. I just . . . I can't with that, really?
✦ IDK, I just have mixed feelings about this one; I didn't hate, but didn't always love and I had a similar reaction to book 1 so maybe this author isn't really a great fit for me

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
Releases June 5th
4 Stars

✦ STEM heroine w/ autism
✦ Biracial (Vietnamese/white) aspiring fashion designer currently working as an escort
✦ Slow start for me, quick end BUT the middle was super cute, sweet, and sexy and made me really happy
✦ Underwear = love 😉 [I know, I know, "What?" Context matters, so just trust me until you read it.

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Currently Listening To:

Recipe for Desire by Cheris Hodges

I'm almost done with this one. Fair warning: while I didn't HATE this one, I have a few things to bitch about next week. Including the way some of the sex scenes are worded. Oh boy. (Hint: it's not really sexy, IMO.)

Rich party girl + celebrity chef.

Currently Reading:

The One You Can't Forget by Roni Loren

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Out June 5th

I loved book 1, and so far this one is always great! CW: This series is set around survivors of a high school shooting (the characters are now adults, about a decade later, IIRC). So for that alone, I know many will pass on this series and I completely understand. Trust me.

Divorce attorney + chef  + added complication that she helped his ex in the divorce

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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