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Royal Anticipations: July 2018

It's that time again! Damn it, where did June go?!

This time I've got 24 romances hitting shelves in July that I'm excited about. Get those pre-order fingers ready!

July 2nd/3rd:

French Quarter Kisses by Zuri Day
Contemporary Romance

✦ Celebrity chef
✦ Society reporter
✦ That cover is hot

Undeniable Attraction by Kayla Perrin
Contemporary Romance

✦ Second chance
     ✦ They meet up again at a wedding
✦ Soccer star hero
✦ That cover is DAMN hot
     ✦ And her shoes are gorgeous!

A Taste of Pleasure by Chloe Blake
Contemporary Romance

✦ Set in Italy
✦ Single dad
✦ He's a restaurateur
✦ She's his new chef
✦ Again: hot cover is hot!

An Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen
Historical Romance

✦ He's a spy
✦ Currently trying to seduce the heroine to get to her father
✦  She's not falling for his seduction attempts . . . but she might fall for him, which is even more dangerous . . . 

Locked Down with the Army Doc by Scarlet Wilson
Contemporary Romance

✦ Forced proximity / stormed in!
✦ Doctor heroine
✦ Army doctor hero
✦ They meet at a conference in Hawaii, then a hurricane hits

July 9th/10th:

Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert
Contemporary / Military Romance -- M/M

✦ SEAL / sharpshooter
✦ Because of his latest injury, he's assigned to babysitting a reporter
     ✦  Silver fox

Mr. Hotshot CEO by Jackie Lau
Contemporary Romance
1st POV!

✦ Workaholic CEO
✦ Biomedical researcher
✦ He pays her to teach him how to enjoy a vacation

A Gentleman Never Keeps Score by Cat Sebastian
Historical Romance -- M/M

✦ Reclusive aristocrat 
✦ Former boxer / pub owner
     ✦ To protect a friend, he's supposed to steal a painting from the hero

Unfit to Print by KJ Charles
Historical Romance -- M/M

✦ Lawyer
✦ Bookseller
     ✦  He was supposed to be dead
✦  They have history

My Lord, Lady, and Gentleman by Nicola Davidson
Historical Romance -- Queer, menage


✦ Artist hero
✦ Marriage in trouble
✦ True menage -- lovin' for all 3 (MMF)

July 16th/17th:

Sink or Swim by L.A. Witt
Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ Retired SEAL
✦ Navy Chaplain
✦ CW: Abusive ex

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The Singular Mr. Sinclair by Mia Marlowe
Historical Romance

✦ She's determined to remain unmarried, inherit from her grandma, and travel the world
✦ But she's finding it hard to resist the hero . . . 

Highland Wrath by Madeline Martin
Historical Romance

✦ She's a trained assassin in charge of a group of spies
✦ He was one of her marks -- but she missed
✦ Good thing, too, because it turns out he might know who killed her family all those years ago

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July 23rd/24th:

Over and Over Again by Cole McCade
Contemporary Romance

✦ Age gap
✦ Forbidden romance: Falling for your father's best friend
✦ Gentle giant
✦ Roma hero

The Coyote's Bride by Holley Trent
Paranormal Romance

✦ Coyote hero
✦ Heroine has a connection to the shifters, too . . . 
✦ Drunken 1NS + Vegas wedding
✦ CW: Miscarriage

Imperial Stout by Layla Reyne
Romantic Suspense -- M/M

✦ Assistant US attorney / co-owner of a brewery
✦ FBI agent (kidnap and rescue expert)
     ✦ Goes undercover to find and save a witness for the hero
✦ Their story will continue in the next book(s)

July 30th/31st:

Room Service by Rochelle Alers
Contemporary Romance

✦ Heroine starting over
     ✦ Biracial (Asian/African American)
     ✦ Former interior  designer, now co-managing a luxury inn with her friends
✦  He's an investment banker

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole
Contemporary Romance

✦ NYC socialite
✦ Scottish hero
     ✦ Silver fox
     ✦  He's a swordsmaker
          ✦ She's his new apprentice

Reporting In by Vanessa North
Contemporary Romance -- Erotic, BDSM, M/M

✦ Boss/employee dynamic
✦ After-hour hook ups and kink
     ✦ Including D/s and chastity cages
✦ Quickie novella

The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham
Historical Romance

✦ Marriage of convenience
     ✦ She needs a new greenhouse, he needs an heir
✦ Botanist heroine

Free Fall by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner
Historical Romance

✦ Shotgun wedding . . . but no touching after
     ✦ Except she's determined to seduce her new husband
✦ Oh, and she's pregnant
✦ Astronaut hero
✦ Set in 1965

The Protector by HelenKay Dimon
Romantic Suspense

✦ She needs his help to find out who killed her sister
✦ He's hiding his own past
     ✦ He was part of the very same commune as her sister . . . and he may know the dark secrets to be found there

Shattered Silence by Marta Perry
Romantic Suspense

✦ After seeing things she shouldn't have and being blamed for her ex's crimes, she runs to an Amish farm
✦ Ends up falling for the PI that's sent after her -- he's the only one who can actually protect her from the real bad guys on her tail

Deep Cover by Scarlett Cole
Romantic Suspense

✦ Former SEAL
     ✦ Withdrawn/tortured by the death of his fiancee
✦ FBI agent
✦ Team up for an assignment
✦ Pat loves everything Cole writes!

Remember, every Tuesday I do a New Release post, with all the romances out that week. Or if Twitter is more your thing, I do the same new release thread there every Tuesday morning. :)

So what July releases are YOU most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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