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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

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Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Fire and Love by Melanie Shawn

Second chance. She's a documentary filmmaker, he's a firefighter.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Bite the Dust by Cynthia Eden

Set in New Orleans. Detective heroine (human...) + werewolf. This is only book 1 of 3 for the couple, so possibly more UF than PNR?

Paranormal Romance

✦ Roommating by Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase

She's back in town to take over her father's historic restoration business -- except she must share the responsibilities with the hero AND they have to room together.

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Nearness of You by Iris Morland

Divorced and with her son in tow, she returns to town, for the doctor even though they're total opposites (she's from the wrong side of the tracks, his family is rich).

Contemporary Romance

✦ Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy

SEAL is asked to keep an eye on his CO's sister -- the same woman he almost hooked up with the other night.
SUPER hot, including a menage scene with some light MM action

Contemporary Romance

✦ Sit...Stay...Beg by Roxanne St. Claire

Former "dot com super success" now rescues dogs (family business) + journalist.

Pat Rec

Contemporary Romance


✦ The Bridesmaid and the Hurricane by Kelly Maher

They hooked up a year ago, now they're co-workers. She's a news anchor, he's a meteorologist.

Contemporary Romance

✦ American Queen by Sierra Simone

1st POV. Heroes are friends (President and VP). She's falling for both. MMF so everyone's happy. This is only book 1, so HFN/cliffhanger.

Contemporary Romance -- Erotic, Menage

✦ Double Up by Vanessa North

1st POV. Former wakeboarding champion now owns a sporting goods store + love interest who wants his help learning how to wakeboard.
The F/F novel in this series is also on sale!

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ Fair Game by Amy Andrews

Novella. Aussie rugby player falls for her roommate/friend who does sports massage.
Jen Rec

Contemporary Romance

✦ Loving the Hendersons by Synithia Williams

~ Second chance + he's trying to save his family's auto dealership
~ Boss/employee (he's an accountant)
~ Ex-con trying to start a barber shop + fake fiance
~ Trucker hero

Contemporary Romance

✦ Complete Submission by CD Reiss

1st POV. All 3 books in one bundle. The blurb doesn't really give me much -- he's rich, it's supposed to be a few hot nights only, turns into more. Some D/s

Contemporary Romance -- Erotic, BDSM

✦ Cleveland Clash by Elley Arden

~ Offensive linewoman trying to save her father's gym needs favor from Super Bowl MVP
~ Wide receiver + her new offensive coordinator + fake fiancé
~ Center / teacher + sports radio host

Contemporary Romance

✦ Sweet Fire by J.H. Croix

1st POV. She's a doctor, he's a firefighter. 1NS that wasn't supposed to get complicated.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Bad at Love by Karina Halle

1st POV. Friends to lovers. British hero. They decide to do a dating experiment.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Devil in Texas by Adrienne deWolfe

Second chance. She's a Pinkerton Agent posing as a casino singer to get to a Senator -- but she has to get past his bodyguard – her ex -- first.

Historical Romance

✦ Every Breath She Takes by Norah Wilson

Veterinarian with some psychic abilities foresees a murder, which takes her to the hero's ranch to try and stop it.

Romantic Suspense

✦ America's Next Reality Star by Laura Heffernan

1st POV. Needing money, she joins a reality show for the summer, falls for fellow competitor (law student). Book 1 of 3 for the couple!

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK

✦ Menage by Emma Holly

1st POV. MMF. Older woman, younger men. She's a bookstore owner. One is a composer, the other a "bad boy".

Contemporary Erotica -- Menage

✦ In Stilettos by Nana Malone

~ Organized event planner + carefree playboy
~ Shy fantasy event planner heroine
~ Magazine editor + security consultant

Contemporary Romance

✦ Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews

Age gap. Single dad + older park ranger. Some action/suspense when the daughter is kidnapped at one point.

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ The Beginning After by Kiersten Modglin

Her husband suddenly and mysteriously dies and in her quest to find answers to all his secrets, she falls for the officer assigned to the case.

Romantic Suspense

✦ Everything But the Earl by Willa Ramsey

She "pursues her interests with gusto", he's a gentle giant (though the ton thinks he's a brute like his dad). Also, she is his sister's friend.

Historical Romance

✦ Drakon's Past by N.J. Walters

She deals in artifacts and antiques, suddenly finds a set of dragon statues and is thrust into a world with dragon shifters. Fated mates. She might be working with his enemy.

Paranormal Romance

✦ An Affair with Mr. Kennedy by Jillian Stone

Stoic Scotland Yard investigator + painter. She's a widow and he's actually her new landlord.

Historical Romance

✦ The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love by Erin Quinn

Unable to die + on the run from the Reaper, falls for a detective w/ secrets. Surprise, he's actually the Reaper in disguise. Damn this human body for having feelings for her…

Paranormal Romance

✦ Lord of Night by Erica Ridley

She's secretly Robin Hood, trying to get money for her home for wayward girls. He's the detective tasked with finding the thief.

Historical Romance

✦ Flawless by Carrie Lofty

She ran away to NYC to avoid an arranged marriage. He shows up on her doorstep and she's still mighty tempted. To inherit from her father, she must run his diamond business in South Africa (ugh...)

Historical Romance


✦ Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

War hero who lost his sight and hides away in his family's country mansion + his new nurse.
I read it years ago, gave it 3 stars and remember nothing so IDK

Historical Romance

$1.99 ✦ Time Served by Julianna Keyes

1st POV. Second chance (teenage lovers). He's an ex-con, she's a lawyer now.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Lost in Kakadu by Kendall Talbot

Socialite's plane crashes into an "ancient Australian wilderness" + fellow survivor and younger man.

Contemporary Romance -- Action / Suspense

✦ Touch Me With Fire by Nicole Jordan

She's a Lady, disguised as a servant (she ran away from an arranged marriage) + war hero Viscount.

Historical Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Protected by Elisabeth Naughton

Up-and-coming designer gets threats from her ex (and perhaps someone else out to get her...), falls for her bodyguard (Former Army Ranger).
The entire series is on sale.

Romantic Suspense

✦ Show Me How to Love by Synithia Williams

She had a fling with her boss until she caught him cheating. Suddenly finds herself falling for his cousin instead. Forced proximity (winter, cabin).

Contemporary Romance

✦ Under Fire by Scarlett Cole

Former SEAL starts a security firm with his teammates + medical researcher trying to create a treatment for a horrible disease. Problem is, some might use this as a chemical weapon instead.
Pat Rec

Romantic Suspense

✦ Leave the Night On by Laura Trentham

She owns a fancy boutique (lingerie, etc.), he's a mechanic. When she finds out her fiancé cheated on her (with her BFF!), the hero offers to be her fake lover.

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Hookup by Erin McCarthy

1st POV. She's a math whiz (PhD and all), he works the lobster boats. They meet at her sister's wedding and she wants him to teach her about sex (she's a virgin).

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 


✦ A Passionate Love by Delaney Diamond

Opposites attract. She's a wealthy socialite, he's part owner of Atlanta's hottest nightclub.

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Dreaming Of You by Lisa Kleypas

Shy and secluded author + gambling club owner.

Historical Romance

✦ Ready Set Rogue by Manda Collins

His aunt left her estate (and amazing private library) to the bookish heroine and her 3 friends. There's also a bit of a mystery to solve regarding her death.

Historical Romance

✦ Boston Fire Collection Volume 1 by Shannon Stacey

~ Brother’s best friend trope
~ She's checking on her grandparents, he's the firefighter upstairs
~ Firefighter heroine (lieutenant)

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

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