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Whatcha Reading? (July 21st)

RWA was this week and besides all the awesome things going on there, there was some, ah, tea spilled by Suzanne Brockmann during her speech. And it was AWESOME. Though some of the white conservatives in the audience were not thrilled by her speech. But tell me again about how we liberals are the whiners.

ANYWAY. Stop me before I turn this post into "political thoughts and rants with TBQ". Don't get me wrong, politics belong in romance, but this post is not the place for that. ;)

Another average week here: finished 3 books, and they were all good (yay!).

What I Read:

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon
4 Stars

✦ 1st POV (MC only)
✦ Vampire Queen (biracial, Latinx) + human kinesiology student (our MC)
✦ Super hot/erotic! No joke, these two bang A LOT. Plus there's glimpses into others getting it on (feeding is a very sexual/sensual thing)
     ✦ There's even some fun with toys
✦ Interesting world, definitely want to continue the series (I just wish they were cheaper/went on sale #cheapAFreader)
✦ Pacing was a bit off, dragged a lot (long periods of nothing really happening, then a bunch of things in the last 15% or so)
✦ Available in KU! (Sadly the rest of the series is not. Boo.)

Kindle -- KU title

Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean
Narrated by Justine Eyre
4 Stars

✦ Bastard son of a duke / king of London’s streets – smuggler (sword-walking stick! shaved head! GAH)
✦ Unwilling wallflower – Lady Lockpick
✦ Okay but he buys her hair pins that are actually lockpicks and 😭
✦ Slow burn -- and only one . . . wait, two sex scenes (one scene is just him getting her off)
✦ I cannot fucking wait for book 2, especially since they're doing the cover shoot for it right now and the models are 😍 Check out Sarah's IG to find out more

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole
4 1/2 Rating
August Royal Pick

✦ Black socialite with ADHD takes an apprenticeship in Scotland
✦ . . . with a silver fox swordmaker (biracial -- Chilean/Scottish)
✦ It’s just so good?! Like, all of it? Do you know how many quotes I shared?!
✦ It's packs some emotional punches, especially as I could relate some to Portia.
✦ But it was also just fun and charming and brightened my day
✦ Slow, low burn but so much tension and I loved it [yes, okay, I wanted more sexytimes but what we -- finally! -- got was A++ so I'm okay with this]
✦ I cannot wait for "fuckboy with a heart of gold" Johan to get his story next year (with Nya!)

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Releases 7/31

Currently Listening To:

It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday

✦ Best friend’s older brother
✦ Both are lawyers – defendant (her) and prosecutor (him)
✦ She loves to travel, he’s a strict workaholic

I enjoyed book 1 earlier this year. I will say I'm not fond of this narrator though, especially her male voices.

Currently Reading:

CTRL Me by Anna Zabo

Kindle -- KU title

This is a quick novella and since it's in KU (I'm doing a trial of the program right now), I figured this was a great time to read it.

Friends to lovers with some BDSM (D/s and rope play). I so enjoy Anna's writing.

By the time this post goes up, I'll be done (yes, it's that short) so

Next Up:

Sweet on the Greek by Talia Hibbert

Kindle -- KU title

✦ Fake relationship
✦ Bi football (soccer) player
✦ Curvy Black British heroine
✦ Sex toys 😉 
✦ It’s Talia-fucking-Hibbert – ‘nuff said

Talia has a new book out so you bet your ass I'm picking it up right away! Step aside, countless ARCs I should be reading. I'm going in!

So what are YOU currently reading? 


Until Next Time,

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