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Whatcha Reading? (July 28th)

Romancelandia News:

Tiffany Reisz released the cover for THE ROSE, and you can now pre-order it. Out April 16th!

Kate Clayborn announced her next book deal, slated for release in 2020 and it sounds great!

In the meantime, Kate's November release, book 3 in her current series, has a cover and it's lovely! Out Nov 27.

If you've been waiting to watch the RWA18 Rita Awards, including Suzanne Brockmann's infamous, kickass speech, you can find it HERE.

Also, please listen to a talk Sonali Dev did at another RWA18 event. It's so important and beautiful. (Her books are as well, FYI.)

My week has been . . . a bit crazy again/still. Including a $300 vet visit for the furbabies. Still waiting to see if they're going to need another visit/more tests or if they're improving on their own. That bill was unexpected and really drained my savings, which was for a new laptop (mine is getting so slow it's really hard to keep up with blog work). So maybe, if you can, buy me a Ko-Fi to help make up for it? No pressure, seriously.

As to my reading week, it wasn't half bad. 3 books -- hopefully 4 by the time you actual read this post -- with one that was a top read and the others being good to pretty damn good. So let's get into it, shall we?

What I Read:

CTRL Me by Anna Zabo
Very quick novella
4 Stars

✦ 1st POV, MC only
✦ Both heroes are bi
✦ Coworkers/friends to lovers -- they do code and stuff
✦ Rope play
✦ Quick yet satisfying and super sexy -- def rec!
✦ Only complaint: I would kill for a full story for these two. It's not that it's absolutely *needed* but I'm a greedy MOFO reader and want more, damn it! Also, they were hot as fuck together so obviously I needed more of that, too ;)

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Kindle -- $0.99 / KU

Sweet on the Greek by Talia Hibbert
5 Stars
August Royal Pick

✦ Fake relationship + hero in pursuit/instalove
✦ Bi playboy soccer player (retired)
✦ Curvy Black British tattoo artist
✦ Sex toy fun 😉 Like, super hot sex toy fun. SO DAMN HOT THO
✦ Body and sex positive, like all of Hibberts
✦ The hero is so sweet and also dirty fucking perfection
✦ Also, his grovel and honest, loving attitude was everything
✦ I highlighted half the book and I have absolutely no regrets about it

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Kindle -- $2.99 / KU

It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday
Narrated by Angele Masters
3 1/2 Stars

✦ Best friend’s older brother
✦ Both are lawyers – defendant (her) and prosecutor (him)
✦ She loves to travel, he’s a strict workaholic
✦ Mostly enjoyed! It had some fun moments and rivalry between the two. The sex scenes were pretty hot, and I especially loved their first time when he proved her wrong (that men won't go down during a 1NS)
✦ Buuuuut a few things rubbed me wrong towards the end (re: pregnancy scare). Spoiler: she's not actually pregnant. But I didn't love how she said she "never thought she'd be the kind of woman who needed to use The Morning After pill", which reeks of slut shaming. And then he gets mad that she's planning on taking it, and why isn't she talking to him about it first (uhhhh, in 2018, with everything going on, I don't need a hero questioning a heroine's reproductive rights and her own damn agency and body). Also, the scene that caused this, when they fucked without a condom, didn't fit these two and their story considering that in their first scene they did not have a condom around and decided not to do any PIV and instead stuck to oral, and then at the end of the book we get a scene where they had access to a condom but he forgot until mid-fuck and they carried on anyway and then freaked out after he came? What?! That doesn't fit!
✦ I said last week that I wasn't thrilled with this narrator -- and that's still kinda true. She did grow on me (or I learned to ignore the problem?) but I still wouldn't call her a favorite, especially with many of her male voices.

Currently Listening To:

Whiskey Sharp: Unraveled by Lauren Dane

✦ He owns a hipster barber shop with a bar in it (night only, of course)
✦ She works for him, also does a small punk rock band (drummer) for fun
Jen just reviewed this, actually, and my feelings so far match hers pretty well

Currently Reading:

The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham

Out Tuesday!

✦ Widowed Duke who likes pain and submitting
✦ Botanist who dreams of having her own successful nursery
✦ Marriage of convenience

I'll have quotes under this hashtag, if you're curious! Just about done with it.

Next up:

If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman

Kindle -- KU title

✦ 1st POV
✦ Fat heroine (accountant) who doesn't let her size dictate her life
✦ Needs a fake boyfriend for a family event
✦ Oops, this doesn't feel fake anymore?!

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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