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Whatcha Reading? (July 7th)

Somehow Jen and I, and about 15 others, got caught up in a giant never-ending thread on Twitter. I think it started with comfort reads -- or was it favorite male virgins? I can't even recall at this point. But it moved into a Kleypas-fan-thread then historical butt stuff and then ideas for a erotica story and . . . I just don't even know. I mean, you'd have to be there to understand how it went from A to D and back to B again. But it was super fun an it's one thing I love about Romance Twitter. :)

Want to quickly see what I read in June? Check out this thread! 

As to my reading week: I finished 3 books and enjoyed them all.

What I Read:

Guarding His Heart by Synithia Williams
4 Stars

✦ Basketball player about to retire (divorced, has kids)
     ✦ Tatts -- and the one he wants as his last tatt at the end? *swoon*
✦ Fashion photographer who wants to do more art (she’s diabetic)
     ✦ She has blue streaks in her hair, a few special tatts, and some piercings, including nipples
✦ Both are not great at relationships, which causes conflict/drama during their story
✦ Good tension and chemistry -- and I've give the sex a solid B for heat
✦ Also, that cover is so pretty
✦ Definitely plan on reading Williams again

If you want to try more from Williams, there's a box set of 4 books for only $0.99 right now!

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt
Narrated by Ashford McNab
4 Stars

CW: Rape (including that of a child), incest, pedophilia
✦ Torture hero OMG ☹
✦ He’s trying to infiltrate and destroy a group of monsters, rescues a widow from their clutches – then marries her to protect her
✦ Hot sex that’s not PIV
     ✦ They do eventually have PIV sex, and its hot, but honestly I thought the previous scenes were hotter ;)
✦ I did feel like the quick jump to him changing his mind about . . . things . . . at the end really didn't fit his character or the trauma he survived.
✦ But otherwise another great addition to the series.

Born in Ice by Nora Roberts
5 Stars

✦ Comfort reread
✦ Set in Ireland
✦ She runs a Bed and Breakfast
✦ He’s a famous American mystery writer
✦ I always loved this heroine and her love of homemaking and whatnot 

✦ I love this book because of what it's been to me over the years. But this series is not immune to problematic things. I can see them, I can acknowledge them, and I can be mad that they're in an otherwise great book. But these books are too dear to my heart for those things to ruin the book for me. We all have our problematic faves.

Currently Listening To:

Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen

✦ She's a math whiz
     ✦ To get money for her family, she plays cards in a gaming hell (in disguise, of course)
✦ He owns the gaming hell and when he catches on to how she keeps winning (counting cards), he makes her a deal: come work for him as a dealer

Currently Reading:

Mr. Hotshot CEO by Jackie Lau

Out Tuesday

✦ 1st POV
✦ CW: Depression (heroine) + mention of previous suicidal thoughts
✦ POC written by AOC
✦ Workaholic CEO
✦ Biomedical researcher

Almost done, really enjoy it. You can find out about the first scene, which I found very fun, in this thread. And follow the quotes I'm sharing here.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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