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Whatcha Reading? (August 18th)

This week was crazy for me. (I swear, I have to say that every week, it seems. But it's true. Welcome to my life.) My grandpa, whose health has been slipping even more in the last year, hit a low and went to the ER; they then admitted him to the hospital, where he's been all week. He's doing a bit better, yes, but he'll never be "better". Mostly I'm just hoping they can help to balance all his problems and get things under control again, while maybe also working on increasing his strength with some PT, both in the hospital and after discharge. 

Update: Found out at 10PM (Friday) that his levels went to "possible  heart attack" so they transferred him immediately up to the city hospital, more than an hour away from me. Because of my vision loss, I can't drive and I have no one else around anymore who does. So I'm now stuck down here with no way to get up to him and . . . fuck. I just want life to leave me the hell alone. I'm having flashbacks to my grandma in June (same hospital and all....).

Needless to say, I've not been around much this week. I skipped 2 days of deals, have fallen behind on all other blog work and scheduled posts. I'm trying to remind myself that it's okay, nothing is going to fall apart just because I'm "behind" on blog stuff. But I'm not going to lie: being behind like this only adds to my stress levels. *sigh*

I've been saying it a lot, this week especially, but I'll say it again: thank you, romance community, for being so amazing and supportive. For being there, in my pocket, when I needed you. For offering me your kind words and shoulders to lean on. Thank you for those who shared affiliate links and encouraged others to use them, for those who bought me a Ko-Fi, or gifted me a book to escape into. Thank you.

On with my reading week: I finished 4 books and DNF'ed another at 69% because I just did not give a single fuck about it.

What I Read:

Untouchable by Talia Hibbert
4 Stars

✦ Widower w/ kids returns home (photographer)
✦ Black heroine w/ depression; hired as nanny
✦ Slow, low burn
     ✦ Loved that she wasn’t always into sex/orgasms & it WAS NOT A PROBLEM
     ✦ But it WAS hot when they did ;)
✦ I'm not saying I WANTED the kids to be a huge part of the book -- but I expected them to be, well, a part, period? They show up once or twice on page, briefly, and otherwise it's like they're not even there. It just didn't fit, especially since, you know, she's hired as their nanny and she loves working with kids?
✦ Not my all-time favorite from Hibbert but that's okay because it was still really fucking good, like all her books are

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Kindle -- KU Title

Beastly Desires by Nikki Winter
4 1/2 Stars
August Royal Pick

✦ Fierce lioness (single mom) who takes zero shit
     ✦ No, seriously, she will fuck you up, especially if you come after her son
✦ Protective but sweet food-obsessed tiger (ex-SEAL, biracial -- Russian/Indian)
✦ GREAT banter and humor
     ✦ Across the board -- from the couple, of course, but also so many fun interactions and arguments between the packmates
✦ Pretty damn hot, too ;) A+
✦ A fucking treat to read, I cannot wait to read more from Nikki, especially this series

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Kindle -- KU Title

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
Narrated by Christian Coulson
4 Stars

✦ YA Queer historical (1st POV, MC only)
✦ Bi hero goes on an adventure with his sister and his friend
     Adventures include: alchemist secrets, running naked through Versace, and pirates, oh my!
✦ Falls for said friend (who is biracial, btw)
✦ Totally admit that Monty is a bit of a self-centered ass a lot, one who is oblivious to his privilege. But I do think he learns, some, through the book and gets better.
✦ Just a fun read, honestly
✦ Great on audio!

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss
3 Stars

✦ New Adult / college
✦ Curvy Latinx heroine
✦ Ace / panromantic love interest (she also has ADHD)
✦ No sex

✦ Just a really quick, easy read. Cute and straightforward and just what I needed after a DNF!

Kindle -- KU Title

No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss
DNF @ 69%

DNF because I don't give a single fuck about this story or the characters (hell, who am I kidding, it's just Micky, because her love interest is MIA). I'm bored and tired and I'm not in the mood to keep "trying" with a book right now. I need a book that sweeps me away, not a book that makes me NOT WANT TO PICK UP MY DAMN KINDLE AT ALL.

I don't care for the romance, which is entirely MIA. They've spent a handful of pages together and it's 69% and they are NOT CURRENTLY TOGETHER AT ALL, PERIOD.

I don't care about the characters and while it's 3rd POV it's limited 3rd POV from Micky's POV only and we never get anything about the woman who is (I assume!) going to be her partner forever and ever. I'm not connecting with either of them, even on the most basic of levels.

I don't care for how this book reaaaaaaally pushes the "if a woman likes another woman then she MUST be a lesbian, there is no other option here!" Like, if Micky truly identifies herself as a lesbian, and has no interest in men, that's fine! But I feel like she's been pushed from day one that even though she was with her husband for years and loved him she's now A Lesbian (caps and all). I'm just pissed at the bi-erasure, even if Micky herself might not consider herself bi (or pan even).

Also, there's a part where Micky's son says something racist at the table and the daughter calls it out and asks Micky to do something about it and she's just like "Let it go, sweetie" and moves on without saying one damn thing to the son about what he said/thinks. WTF? NO. That was the final straw, the point where I wasn't even interested in power-skimming to the end to call this one "read". I'm just dropping it and returning it. Thankfully it was a KU book. I really don't know that I'll read the author again.

Kindle -- KU Title

Currently Listening To:

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

✦ Coworkers / partners
✦ FBI Special Agents
✦ She profiles serial killers, he’s good at putting the victims at ease

I read this series out of order, started with 2, which was all my library had at the time, then moved to 3 when they got it, and finally they bought book 1 so here I am. :)

Currently Reading:

The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

Out 8/28

✦ Hired to transform two wild orphans into proper young ladies
✦ Can she also tame their rakish guardian?
✦ He has his own plans for her and they're anything but tame…

I really, really need an escape right now and I can always trust Tessa Dare to do that.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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