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Whatcha Reading? (September 1st)

Still a crazy, stressful week here. My grandpa is finally out of the hospital, and at a rehabilitation center to get strength back. Which is great . . . except this facility is doing exactly JACK SHIT for him so chances are very, very high that we'll be having him transferred to another facility as soon as we can find one and get things worked out. He's been there 3 days and a night and they're basically being paid (by his insurance) to sit on their thumbs and occasionally check in on him as he naps 24/7. Yep, they haven't even STARTED physical therapy, which is the entire damn reason he's there!

Needless to say, we're pissed. And it's extra frustrating for me because I can't even get a ride down to the place to check on it myself, yell at them, or, you know, visit my grandpa (and can barely get him on his phone). So. Yeah. My week was shit and things look like they'll be shit for a long, long time.

But! At least I had one great book that helped me this week. Though the others were "meh" and even a DNF. *sigh* Can't win them all!

What I Read:

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden
Narrated by Justine Eyre
3 Stars

✦ Coworkers/partners to lovers
✦ FBI Agents; she’s a profiler specifically
     ✦ She's also a survivor; she was captured by a serial killer as a teen, got out alive
✦ Deals with catching a serial killer, so warnings for all that stuff (some graphic details, some time spent in the killer's POV, etc.)
✦ Nothing wrong with the story or romance -- it was all fine! Just not my fav in this series, I think it might be the weakest of the 3 books. My favorite is Deadly Heat, which was also the first one I read.

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo -- Still $0.99!

Sacked by Jen Frederick
2 Stars

✦ Dual 1st POV (new adult/college)
✦ Football star (defensive end); he’s also a virgin
✦ She’s . . . IDK, trying to do what her parents want and help her brother? Literally that’s all I’ve got
✦ It was fine, and hot
✦ . . . but went to shit about 70% in (for no good reason; things could have been handled SO MUCH BETTER) and the weak attempt to pull it all back together after that just left me rolling my eyes and I didn't give a shit about any of it

Kindle -- KU title

Swagger by Liz Lincoln
4 1/2 Stars
September Royal Pick
Out Sept. 18

✦ Black NFL player (tight end). Currently out for the season due to injury
✦ She's finishing her dissertation for a PhD in physics (STEM heroine) + excellent anxiety rep (
 damn real, it me)
✦ While injured, he's back at university to finish up his bachelors; she was wrangled into teaching a  class . . . yep, one of his.
✦ Slow burn but then it's SUPER hot.
     ✦ Cake + oral (trust me -- no food near the genitals! But I can tell you this: goals)
✦ Loved that all the characters are described -- be it white or Black or Indian or Latinx, etc. White is not the assumed default in this world
✦ Loved these two -- as a couple and as characters
✦ My only issue, small at that, was I wanted a stronger ending for them (and no, I don't need a wedding or baby epilogue for a strong ending, but rather I wanted to see them actually together and working things out, in their lives and in their relationship, before they cuddle into the sunset and the book ends, you know?)
✦ Excited to read more from Lincoln in the future (luckily I have book 1 still on my Kindle)

Find all the quotes I shared HERE

Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen
Narrated by Beverley A. Crick

DNF @ 15%

I know my concentration right now is shit but I could NOT get into it. Didn’t care about the characters, hated how childish, rather than silly, things sounded (“noodle” for his dick, “baubies” for her tits). Performance wasn’t great, either. Moving on.

Currently Listening To:

Once Upon a Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt

✦ Heiress running from her captors sees a coach and begs for help
✦ He's the new Earl (previously sailed, did cartography)
✦ Oops, gotta share a room ;)

I'm almost done with this novella. Quick but enjoyable! Plus, Hoyt. :)

I think I'll start By Her Touch by Adriana Anders on audio next.

Currently Reading:

Inevitable Conclusions by Christina C. Jones

Kindle -- KU title

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ Friends / friends with benefits (finally!) ➜ more
✦ He’s former NFL, now works finance
✦ She’s in theatre

Couldn't decide on an ARC so I decided to look through my recently bought titles and found this one -- which is a new to me author and an AOC. Win! Plus, it sounds great!

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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