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Whatcha Reading? (September 29th)

Things are not going well with my grandpa again so I'm a bit MIA online and just generally behind on everything.

What I Read:

Sin and Ink by Naima Simone
3 1/2 Stars
Releases October 15th

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ Former MMA fighter, now a tattoo artist
✦ She's his office manager at the shop
✦ . . . oh, yeah, and his late brother's widow
✦ She's biracial (I think?), Polynesian descent
✦ Hot and angsty

Really enjoyed the heat level here. Knox has a dirty mouth at times and I loved it. The angst of "She's off limits, she's my dead brother's wife!", combined with his guilt over believing he was guilty of his brother's dead -- a guilt that was made worse by his own mother, ugh -- got a bit tiring for me. But I think that's partly because I wasn't in the mood for high angst, something that usually doesn't bother me.

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Counterpoint by Anna Zabo
4 1/2 Stars
October Royal Pick

✦ Quiet, tattooed nerd who is secretly a rockstar lead guitarist (anxiety rep)
✦ Pansexual ginger-haired computer programmer
✦ Kinky (D/s, bondage)
✦ A+ food porn. And sexy "let me feed this to you and tease you while I'm at it" scenes
✦ It's just so good? Some angst over the secret identity part but otherwise it's not really a super heavy read. Just sexy, kinky fun with books and food and I loved it so damn much.

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The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting
Narrated by Stella Bloom and Lance Greenfield
3 1/2 Stars

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ Second chance (childhood friends / high school sweethearts)
✦ NHL player, returns home (traded teams + ill father)
✦ Nurse
✦ Fun moments, some hot ones, too
✦ Hated how he “needed her” all the time – to the point that she wasn’t able to keep up with her own life. Yes, EVENTUALLY she sets limits on this and takes control of her life again but it took a long, LONG time and it pissed me off.
✦ Narration was fine. Not instant OMG FAV! for me, but I didn't have any real issues with them, either.

Will definitely try more from Helena again!

I shared a few quotes / scenes in this thread.

Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish
3 Stars

✦ Dual 1st POV
✦ STEM heroine (app developer/coder)
✦ Radio talk show host (relationship advice, etc.)
✦ Masturbation scenes for both, phone & Facetime sex, dirty talk – yes, please!
✦ Some slut shaming tho
✦ Quick, dirty read

I picked this up after a Twitter follower told me about it -- my love of masturbation scenes is well-known, and I couldn't be prouder! Keep those recs coming, btw. ;) Anyway, since it's in KU and I still have my trial for a few more weeks, I decided to start it and finished it a day or so later. It's a quick read, pretty simple, overall a nice read.

Kindle -- KU

Currently Listening To:

Sweet Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace

✦ CW: miscarriage (in the past, talked about) and infertility
✦ Widower/dad -- Judge
✦ Candy shop owner

I needed an audiobook while I'm waiting for my holds to come in. Never read this author before. Not gonna lie though, reading about a judge, even at the local level, right now is a bit . . . ehhhh, questionable. And his dad is a politician, he got the spot because of nepotism, he's a trust fund baby. I mean . . . yeah.

Currently Reading:

Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon

✦ Heart surgeon (divorced, mother)
✦ Nanny hero! (bearded, ginger-haired, tatts, bakes, rides a motorcycle, loves kids...yes, please!)
✦ The fluff we all need right now

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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