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Exclusive Excerpt: Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl

Today I have an exclusive excerpt from Karen Booth's upcoming contemporary, SECRETS OF A (SOMEWHAT) SUNNY GIRL! Now this one is more contemporary fiction (aka, 'women's fiction'), but with a fairly strong romantic element to it that I think many readers will enjoy.

Also, after you read this teaser below? Yeah, you'll want to try this book, too!

Orgasms while doing dishes + Irish hero.

Got your attention, didn't I? You're welcome. ;) Enjoy the teaser!

Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl by Karen Booth
Publisher: Karen Booth (October 16th, 2018)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction w/ Romantic Elements

1st POV

With divorce and infidelity hanging from nearly every branch of her family tree, Katherine Fuller sees no point in marriage. Boyfriends? Sure. Sex? Of course. Wedding vows? No, thanks. Still, when her younger sister Amy gets engaged, Katherine gathers all the enthusiasm she can. She won’t let Amy down. She’s done enough of that for a lifetime.

As the sisters embark on wedding plans, Katherine’s college love resurfaces. It nearly killed Katherine to part from sexy Irish musician Eamon more than a decade ago, but falling under his spell a second time forces her to confront everything she hid from him. The secrets surrounding her mother’s death are still fresh and raw in her mind, but one has haunted her more than the others. She can’t bear to tell anyone, especially not Amy. It could ruin far more than a wedding. It might destroy a sister’s love forever.

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Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl 

Katherine and Irish musician Eamon had a super-steamy relationship 11 years ago that ended abruptly when she returned to the U.S. to help with her alcoholic father. Now he’s resurfaced in her life and wants her back. While he’s on the road, they’re rekindling their romance over the phone. This is right after she asks why he never looked for her.

“I told you the other morning. I felt like I had to let the universe tell me if this was meant to be. I wanted us to drift back together. Just like we did in the first place. It was total chance that you walked into the pub that night." 
"People meet like that all the time. It doesn't have to be fate." 
"But do people have what we did, Katherine? Do most people ever get a fraction of what we had together? I don't think they do." 
"I don’t know how to answer that. It's like my eyesight. I don't know another way to see." 
"Okay. Well then answer me this. Was there a guy after me? A guy who came close?" 
I nearly snorted into the phone. The answer on my lips was unfortunately yes and hell no. "There were some guys, yes. But none of them could hold a candle to you. If that’s what you’re asking." 
"Did they make you laugh like I used to?" 
"Not really." Even the amateur stand-up comedian hadn't been able to make me laugh like Eamon could. 
"Did they bring you coffee in bed?" 
"A few of them did." 
"A few? How many are we talking about?" 
"Are you seriously asking me that? I don't even want to think about how many women you've been with over the last eleven years." 
"Don't forget I was married for part of that. I was always faithful to her." 
That was a whole separate can of worms, but it didn't feel right for the first phone conversation. Things were still so tenuous between us. "Good to know." 
"What about the sex?" 
I clamped my eyes shut and my face grew hot. "What about it?" 
"Sex with the other guys. Was it as good as it was with me?" His voice was a low, sexy rumble and I swear to God he was exaggerating his Irish accent, just so he could kill me. 
"What do you think?" 
He waited to answer and I braced myself for it, eyes closed, breath heavy. "I think it wasn't the same at all. I think none of those guys knew to walk up behind you in the kitchen and kiss your neck. I don't think they had the nerve to slide their hand down your belly and into the front of your panties and touch you exactly the way you like to be touched. I know for a fact none of them made you come while you were doing dishes."

Karen Booth is a midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on ‘80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. An early preoccupation with rock ‘n’ roll led her to spend her 20s working her way from intern to executive in the music industry. She traded late nights for early mornings when she became a mom, and once the kids were old enough to hop on a school bus, she started writing contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Karen has been a finalist for RT Magazine’s Series Romance of the Year, RT Magazine’s Gold Seal of Excellence, and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award (NERFA). Her books have been translated into sixteen different languages.

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I told you it was quite a teaser, didn't I? I mean, I fucking hate dishes, but if that was my reward . . . Well, I'd do it more often!

Want to find out what else happens between Katherine and Eamon? Be sure to pre-order SECRETS OF A (SOMEWHAT) SUNNY GIRL today!


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