Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday Book Deals

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

FREE ✦ The Teacher's Billionaire by Christina Tetreault

She finds out her biological father is actually alive -- and he's a Senator. She falls for his stepson.

Contemporary Romance

FREE ✦ His Stolen Bride by Shelly Thacker

Enemies to lovers. He kidnaps her on her wedding day but promises to keep her safe. And use her for a bartering chip. As you do.

Historical Romance

$0.99 ✦ Memories Follow  by S.C. Wynne

1st POV. Scottie works in a vet clinic, meets Lance when he brings his mom's dog in.

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

$1.99 ✦ Where the Heart Leads by Stephanie Laurens

She runs an orphanage. He's a "scion of a noble house" with some skills solving crimes in the ton. She needs his help when her charges mysteriously start to disappear.

Historical Romance

$1.99 ✦ Third Degree by Julie Cross

1st POV. New Adult. Child prodigy (pre-med) fails an important test, decides to start over and focus more on just being a college student and falls for her RA.

Contemporary Romance

$1.99 ✦ Then There Was You by Miranda Liasson

Enemies to lovers. She returns to town to help her dad with his medical practice, falls for the police chief, aka the man who ruined her almost-wedding years ago.

Contemporary Romance

$2.99 ✦ In Search of Scandal by Susanne Lord

He's an infamous explorer, back in England only until his next dangerous expedition calls. She's been looking for the perfect man with a "bold spirit" to match her own.

Historical Romance

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