Saturday, January 12, 2019

Whatcha Reading? (January 12th)

I know, I know. It's been a while.

If you've noticed, the blog's been a bit quiet lately. Oh, a post still goes up each day (book deals), but not much in the way of reviews or new content. I could say that I've been too busy, but that would be (mostly) a lie. Really it's just that I don't have the right mindset to post lately...

I'm going to try getting back into things. But instead of forcing myself to stick to a certain schedule of what post "should" go up when, I'm going to focus on just putting up new posts when I feel inspired to do it.

Which is why I'm posting today. I've been reading some good books lately and I want to share them with you guys. Here we go!

Let's talk about my first 5 star read of 2019, THIRSTY by Mia Hopkins.

This book! You guys, this book is so, so good and I'm kicking myself for not reading it last year when Jen raved about it. And she wasn't alone. Most of my Twitter feed was full of love for this book and I can now confirm that said love is 100% warranted.

If you're looking for a hot romance between an ex-con who really wants to start over and be a better man and a single mom who doesn't back down, this is the perfect read for you.

Here's a quick, sexy teaser:

I whisper in her ear, "You want me to tell you what to do, baby?" 
Fire blazes in her eyes. We both know she's a tough woman. What I want to tell her -- what I hope she knows -- is nothing turns me on more than a tough woman who submits to me in bed. A woman who rules her own world, but lets me rule her in bed? Fuck, there is nothing hotter than that. 
She cups my face in her hands and kisses me, deep and hungry. She rubs her body against mine in a slow rhythm, squeezing her thighs and rubbing her breasts against my chest. Then she breaks the kiss, looks me in the eyes, and says, "Yes."

Thirsty by Mia Hopkins
Contemporary, 1st POV (hero only)

Next, I listened to Courtney Milan's THE DUCHESS WAR, which left me a bit underwhelmed. I had mixed feelings about this one, and ended up giving it only 3 Stars. Milan's writing is great, like always. The narrator for this audiobook (Rosalyn Landor) does a great job, too. And there wasn't anything about the book that I disliked, exactly. But I was a bit bored and felt like it took forever for the romance to truly start . . . only to have the story end not long after that.

But I loved the masturbation scenes (one for each of them) and the fact that their wedding night was Not Great and she tells him outright that it was nice but she didn't orgasm, and, oh yeah, do you want me to show you how I do it? A+ for all that!

Plus, that cover is gorgeous. And if you have the Audible Romance Package, you can listen to this, and a few others from Milan, as part of your membership!

Favorite quote:

There was a quiet grace to her, like a tiger pacing in its cage. There was a majesty in claws unused, in muscles poised for action that never came. There was a somber beauty to a caged beast.

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

Next up was a queer quickie in the form of GOING DOWN by Barbara Bell, which came out this week. It's a F/F erotic novella with a boss-employee set up, and includes fingerbanging in the bathroom during a holiday office party and fisting while stuck together in an elevator. AS YOU DO. It was hot and quick and very enjoyable. 3 1/2 Stars. I'd be interested in trying more from Bell.

Favorite quote:

"No. Not this time. This time you tell me what you want. This time I get to get you off." 
Ellie started at her. "W-what?" 
"You heard me. You tell me what you want me to do. Or I don't do anything at all." 
She had to say what she wanted. To put into words all the fantasies she'd spent months trying to crush down and avoid. The idea shouldn't have been as frightening or as fiercely erotic as it was. Giving consent was just part of the process when it came to sex. An intrinsic part...but not the "sexy" part. Except now it was. Now just the idea of telling Casey what she wanted was almost enough to undo her.

Going Down by Barbara Bell
Erotic Contemporary Novella, F/F

And finally, I read AT HIS LADY'S COMMAND by Nicola Davidson, which was a dirty, delicious novella. And my second 5 star read of the year. An independent heroine who doesn't want marriage or kids, takes shit from no one, and embraces her sexuality? Um, yes please! A former military man, and current bodyguard, who wants only to protect and serve her -- in all the ways? YES. Oh, and some mild femdom action? Yes, yes, yes! There's a little mutual masturbation fun going on, as well as a hot quickie bent over the furniture. It's alllll good.

I shared quite a lot of quotes the other day, which you can find HERE, but here's one of my favorites:

“You know…” she said eventually, her tone now thoughtful. “I touch myself because I read somewhere that it is good for the constitution to start each day with an orgasm.” 
Randall’s heart began to pound. “Is that so?” 
“Yes. But today I am struggling. I’m so wet, yet I cannot climax. And if I cannot climax I shall be cross all day, and God help everyone.”

At His Lady's Command by Nicola Davidson
Historical novella
Kindle -- KU Title ($0.99!)

This weekend, I'm reading THE CRAFT OF LOVE by EE Ottoman, a queer historical romance, set in New York, with a trans hero silversmith and a talented quilter heroine.

The Craft of Love by EE Ottoman
Historical, Queer

And I'm listening to another title in the Audible Romance Package, DUE DILIGENCE by Anna Zabo, which is a second chance romance with plenty of heat . . . like dragon dildos and a game of dirty dice. ;)

Due Diligence by Anna Zabo
Contemporary, Queer (M/M)

So what are YOU currently reading? 


Until Next Time,

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