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Whatcha Reading? (January 19th)

Would you look at that -- two Whatcha Reading posts in a row! I mean, don't get used to it, I make no promises about keeping to this schedule. But since I had another pretty good reading week, I wanted to share.

Well, with the exception of two DNFs, which I talked about a bit on Twitter HERE (fat hatred) and HERE (slut shaming, book in question). *sigh* Why can't we have nice things?

I finished up DUE DILIGENCE by Anna Zabo while running (literally) some errands earlier this week. Once again, Zabo brings the heat and I loved these two together. I mean, really, who can say no to a second chance romance and some dirty fun with a dragon dildo? ;) I loved this one so much, I gave it 4 1/2 Stars. Also recommend it on audio; Iggy Thomas does this entire series and it's wonderful. And it's in the Audible Romance Package, if you have that.

Favorite quote:

“And I won’t mind your ass in the air later.” 
“You say the most romantic things.” 
“Only you could conflate filthy with romantic.” 
“There’s a difference?” 
Not with them. Todd smiled and kissed Fazil’s nose.

Later, after they’ve been talking about things, relationships, etc: 

“Who’d you learn that with?" 
“Some guy who likes a little dragon cock up his ass.” 
“Oh. And you wonder why I mix dirty with romantic.”

Due Diligence by Anna Zabo
Contemporary, Queer (M/M)

I also finished up THE CRAFT OF LOVE by EE Ottoman, which started out well but was a bit of a letdown. 3 Stars

For the majority of this book, I was really enjoying it -- the writing is lovely, the romance is sweet, and I thought I'd end up giving this one 4 stars.

Until I reached the end, which was so abrupt I had to keep checking to make sure my Kindle wasn't messing up or something. It's not that I was expecting sex or some elaborate declaration of love and marriage to wrap this book up neatly. But the pacing to end this was so ridiculously off that it brought down my previous enjoyment of the story.

Will I try more from Ottoman? Of course. I really did enjoy their writing style and voice. But this one was a bit of a disappointment in the end.

Favorite quote:

His mouth was hesitant against hers, just a touch of lips until she surged forward and kissed him back hard. Her hands came up to curve around his face, and her mouth pressed against his, wanting to taste and to take and to have. His arms went around her waist, pulling them close together on the bench. Her entire body went hot with the feel of him against her, his close, solid body, the smell of him and the taste of his mouth. She didn't even think of pausing, not now with his hands and mouth on her, not when she fancied she could feel his heart beating against her chest. He smelled like smoke and the tang of metal and under that, just him, clean and inviting. His mouth tasted like tea and was so hot against hers, not demanding but now not afraid to take, following her lead while also coaxing her to give in return. She wanted to devour him, to take all that he was into her until she knew him completely. She thought she'd been waiting to kiss him since the first time they'd sat like this in her workroom. She brought one hand up to touch his cheek, the soft skin just under his ear. He slowed the press of their mouths, tasting her over again, still not hurrying and not letting her hurry either. For all that her blood was singing in her ears, her heart beating out of control, she slowed to match him too, A slow, methodical learning of each other's touch with every press of hands and mouth, making her entire being fill, just that bit more, with joy. They pulled away eventually, just enough space to see each other. His eyes were questioning again, and his hands slipped from her waist, one coming up to touch his fingers to her lips.

The Craft of Love by EE Ottoman
Historical Novella, Queer (queer heroine, trans hero)

I picked up SWING BATTER SWING by Zaida Polanco when it was free last week (it's not anymore, sorry!) and decided to try it. I really did like this one, though the pacing was a bit uneven towards the end and a few small things bothered me. Still, it was a solid, hot read and I'll definitely be trying more from Polanco in the future. 3 1/2 Stars

It's a slow burn, and then we only get two -- wait, three -- sex scenes, but damn, they are hot. Starting with a mutual masturbation scene (yay!). There's even some fingerbanging Mile High Club fun.

So one of the things that bothered me doesn't start until the sex scenes begin -- the overuse of "baby". And when I say overuse, I mean it shows up no less than 30 times in just a few *very short* chapters. And it was often during the otherwise good dirty talk. I'm all for an occasional "baby", but this was just too much.

Still, if you want to try a new AOC and read about a queer Black Latinx heroine, who loves sex and has no shame about that, falling for her temporary boss (who is trying very hard not to start anything, because that would be wrong of him), this was a nice one. You can find all the quotes I shared HERE.

Favorite quote:

“I know you’re jealous but you should know that hearing Noah’s voice doesn’t make me wet the way I’m wet nearly every time you speak to me. It’s honestly gotten to be a real nuisance in the workplace.” 
“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Jay whispered, like a man about to lose control. He shifted in his chair and Marty smirked, knowing he was adjusting a boner and feeling a little too pleased with herself. Yes, she was a slut. And she fucking loved it.

Swing Batter Swing by Zaida Polanco
Kindle (KU Title)

And finally, I listened to a menage this week, RULE OF THREE by Kelly Jamieson. It was . . . eh. Hot (mostly) but I had some issues with it, so 2 Stars is the max I can give.

For the most part, I liked this one. It was hot. Well, except for some quibbles I had with how the anal scenes were treated, with little to no prep, especially their first time (but that is, unfortunately, pretty common in romancelandia so).

However, my rating is so low because of two big things:

  • Slut shaming by use of "porn and sex workers are bad" when she finds out her sister is doing porn. I'm not here for this view, period, fuck off.
  • Chris's "no homo!" asshole ways for 90% of the book
    • At about 90% he tells Dag (and therefore the reader) about his asshole father beating him as a teen for messing around with a boy, which, yes, that would screw with a person and make them ashamed of their sexuality, sure. But to KEEP that info from your partners AND the reader until THAT far into the book, and then have Chris immediately turn into "gimme alllll the queer sex and I'll tell the world we're together as a true triad" gave me so much whiplash.

It wasn't a bad read, but definitely not my favorite menage. And frankly, I don't care enough about the throuple to actually pay for their next 2 books, so I guess I'm leaving them here for now.

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson
Contemporary Romance (Erotic, Menage -- MFM and MMF)
Book 1 of 3 for the throuple

I'm currently finishing up PRIVATE EYE by Katrina Jackson, which is a fucking delight and you need it in your life. She's a cam girl, he's a spy. It's super sex AND sex worker positive. It's hot. It's fun. It's body positive, too (she's a curvy gal). Oh, and definitely queer and poly-am positive, too, as pretty much all the characters in this world tend to be queer and many are open to poly relationships, though the main couple in this book don't get into in any threesomes or anything themselves.

I'll talk more about it next week, I'm sure, but you should just go ahead and grab it now. I think the price goes back up next week anyway, though it is in KU if you have that.

You can check out some of the many, many quotes I'm sharing HERE.

Private Eye by Katrina Jackson
Contemporary Romance (with some light action/suspense)
Kindle (KU Title)

After that, I think I'm going to start INDECENT...EXPOSURE by Jane O'Reilly, which was recommended to me on Twitter yesterday (and a lovely Twitter friend then surprised me by gifting it, thank you Heather!). I hear the mutual masturbation whistle and I just can't ignore it!

Indecent...Exposure by Jane O'Reilly
Contemporary, Erotic (Novella)

And finally, I'm listening to NOT THE DUKE'S DARLING by Elizabeth Hoyt. Long-time fan of Hoyt's books, and I've been waiting for my library hold on this new one to come in. The heroine is part of a feminist group and many have been accused of witchcraft. AKA, the best kind of women to read about. He was responsible for ruining her father, so obviously she's only interested in revenge. (LIES! Romance will follow, we all know this.)

Not the Duke's Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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