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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Deja Date by Susan Hatler

1st POV. Second chance. She works at a bakery, owned by the hero's father, dreams of buying it soon. But to access her inheritance, she must first do her father's 'Carpe Diem" list.

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Chateau Debauchery Starter Set by Em Brown

Two novellas with light BDSM
~ To save her cousin from ruin, she takes her place
~ She loses a card game to him, which leads to a night in his bed and a dirty wager

Historical Romance

✦ Hung by Anne Marsh

1st POV. He's a firefighter (hotshot) and she's a cook at the fire camp. She's also on the run from her ex, a cop.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Chills by Heather Boyd

He was her guardian. Now she's to act as his sister's companion -- except the sister plans on marrying her off to a rich husband. And for some reason he's jealous that he's not even on the list..

Historical Romance

✦ Lady of Desire by Darcy Burke

She teams up with a reclusive scholar to use an ancient text to find a legendary treasure.

Historical Romance

✦ Something Reckless by Lexi Ryan

1st POV. Book 1 of 2 for the couple. Meet-cute: anonymous sexting for a while. But maybe he's not a stranger after all...

Contemporary Romance

✦ All Tied Up by Alison Kent

She's a website editor (women in gaming, I think). He's an attorney. Involves an "adults only scavenger hunt".

Contemporary Romance


✦ May Mistakes by Merry Farmer

Age gap (older hero). He's a "mysterious bookseller", she's very much embraced life as an independent woman.

Historical Romance

✦ All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

1st POV. New Adult / College. She's the coach's daughter, has no interest in football or players. He, of course, is on the team.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Promises to Keep by Nikki Sex

He's a military doctor who promised a dying soldier to deliver a ring to his wife (widow). Oops, he didn't promise to fall in love with her though.
(CW for miscarriage)

Contemporary Romance

✦ Wicked in a Kilt by Anna Durand

1st POV. She's got some baggage from an ex, has sworn off all things men and sex. Until she meets a hot Scot while at her cousin's wedding. Meet-cute: she mistakes him for a stripper.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Loup Garou by Mandy M. Roth

1st POV. She's half vampire, half fae. Her fated mate is suposed to be a dark fae prince. Blurb also talks about another man who catches her attention, so possible love triangle alert?

Paranormal Romance

✦ Insert Groom Here by K.M. Jackson

She’s the star of a “find a groom” reality show; he’s the producer.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

1st POV. Boss/employee. He owns a hockey team, she manages the team/his life.

Contemporary Romance

✦ From the Top by Dani Collins

Divorced dad restoring a ski resort has a 1NS with a professional skier, which leads to an unexpected pregnancy.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Broken by Nicola Haken

CW: self-harm, suicide, etc.
1st POV. Boss (CEO) / employee, set in a publishing company. But first they hook up in a club bathroom (didn't know who the other person was).

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ Saving Jenna by Christina Butrum

Second chance. He's back in town to repair a rental property. Spoiler: he's going to end up staying more than 2 weeks and it has nothing to do with the property.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance

✦ Worth Fighting For by Wendy Qualls

Widowed single dad (with a pre-teen trans daughter) + a teacher who is going to help him out as a summer nanny.
Rest of the series is also on sale.

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ Bad Boy Done Wrong by Kylie Gilmore

Good girl nurse + bad boy anthropologist.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Tantalizing by Lori Foster

After a string of boring blind dates (thanks to her sister), she finally stumbles upon a good one, with a "tall, dark [hero] ready to give little Miss Josie Jackson a night to remember."

Contemporary Romance

✦ Baking for Keeps by Jessica Gilmore

She's a radio DJ, he's her aunt's temporary (grumpy) lodger. She's organizing the town's Bachelor Bake-Off, and at the last minute needs a new bachelor -- him.

Contemporary Romance


✦ Rough and Ready by Tracy Wolff

1st POV. He's a pro football player. She's a former pro basketball player who now runs a local rec center.

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ A Nice Day for A Cowboy Wedding by Nicole Helm

Rancher trying to stop his mom from re-marrying falls for the wedding planner, a single mom who left an abusive ex and started over in the small town.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert

Second chance (teenage sweethearts). She's pregnant and running from her abusive husband. Moroccan-Italian cafe owner.

Contemporary Romance

✦ If I Only Had a Duke by Lenora Bell

She's not interested in marriage. Neither is he, he's too busy looking for the man who destroyed his family. Forced proximity as he escorts her to her Aunt's estate.

Historical Romance
Kindle | NOOK 


✦ Dark Seduction Box Set by Caridad Pineiro

3 novellas.
~ Vampire + human
~ She's actually a "protector of a special realm hidden in the rainforest"
~ Cougar shifter / author + reporter + second chance and a snow storm

Paranormal Romance

✦ G.A. Aiken Dragon Bundle

~ She's "the Beast", he's a dragon warrior
~ Dragoness + warrior mage
~ Warrior heroine + "uncivilized" dragon
~ Second chance, dragon warlord + heroine on a guest for a god

Paranormal Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Secret Star by Nora Roberts

Heiress + homicide detective. She's supposed to be dead -- what secrets is she hiding?

Romantic Suspense

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