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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Melting Into You by Tracey Alvarez

Grouchy hero suddenly becomes a single dad, falls for the widowed school teacher.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Stripped by Alexis Anne

1st POV. Rock star + pop princess. "I can't stand...wait, NVM." trope. Forced proximity (touring together).
Book 1 is also FREE.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Under His Skin by Sidney Bristol

She's a tattoo artist. He was her teenage crush. Now she wants a hot fling with him, but he wants something more.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Taking it Easy by Erin Nicholas

Playboy bartender + single mom have a one-night stand . . . which ends in a pregnancy. Oops.

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Birthday List by Devney Perry

1st POV. Widow/restaurant owner works on her late husband’s bucket list, ends up falling for the police officer who originally broke the news to her
Pat Rec

Contemporary Romance

✦ Protecting Fiona by Susan Stoker

While on a mission with his SEAL team, he ends up rescuing her as well; she had been kidnapped by human traffickers.

Romantic Suspense


✦ The Bunny and the Billionaire by Louisa Masters

Australian nurse (who recently inherited some $) goes on a tour of Europe and meets a French billionaire playboy.

Contemporary Romance -- M/M

✦ The Enforcer by HelenKay Dimon

He's a security expert, she's running from her past. She's the only connection to his brother's death: she was the sole survivor of the massacre.

Romantic Suspense

✦ Slamdunked by Love by Jamie Wesley

He's in the NBA, her estranged father is his coach. Meet-cute when her car breaks down and he helped her out.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London

1st POV. College / New Adult. Opposites attract + rivals to lovers. She has to work with him in order to get her thesis published.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Any Groom Will Do by Charis Michaels

She wants the freedom that comes from being a married woman. He needs an investor for his "ingenious scheme". Marriage of convenience, ahoy!

Historical Romance

✦ The First Rule of Hook-Ups by Nina Crespo

He's a stripper. They first met when he danced at her bachelorette party. But she's not engaged when they meet again (she was left at the altar).

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Duke's Suspicion by Susanna Craig

English war hero + Irish scientist (botanist).
Book 1 is also on sale.

Historical Romance

✦ Falling Stars by Celeste Lake

Hollywood starlet hides out in a secluded mountain resort until some bad press blows over, falls for an (anti-Hollywood) author trying to finish a book.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance -- F/F

✦ Granite Lake Wolves by Vivian Arend

~ Deaf heroine + forced proximity
~ Second chance, he's a bush-pilot (and wolf, obvs)
~ They're teamed up for a pack sporting event, realize they're mates

Paranormal Romance


✦ A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Restless lord wanting to escape the quiet town agrees to escort a socially awkward scientist to Scotland.

Historical Romance

✦ Stand Fast by Kaylea Cross

DEA Special Agent + FAST Bravo member. She's working a case with his deployed team.

Romantic Suspense

✦ Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Ryan

The will says the two must share ownership of the ranch (her father was also the hero's stepfather, but since she was raised by her mother they never met until now).

Contemporary Romance

✦ Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Widowed father / doctor + mail-order bride. Meet-cute: she accidentally shoots him. As you do.

Historical Romance

✦ London Celebrities Collection by Lucy Parker

~ Coworkers (theatre). "English rose + London's bad boy"
~ Actress + director
~ Coworkers / rivals. Circus artist + "disgraced wizard of special effects" / new makeup artist.

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ A Duke Changes Everything by Christy Carlyle

He's just inherited a title and estate that he doesn't want. And she's the steward there.

Historical Romance

✦ This Rake of Mine by Elizabeth Boyle

Years ago he kissed her and ruined her reputation (he thought she was his mistress, oops). Now she's a teacher at a finishing school his niece attends.

Historical Romance
Kindle | NOOK 


✦ The Blades of the Rose Bundle by Zoe Archer

4 books, including:
~ Captain + "not your typical Victorian lady" + search for a magical artifact
~ Journalist + genius inventor

Steampunk Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Tough Luck Cowboy by A.J. Pine

Injured rodeo cowboy falls for his best friend's ex-wife. She's just starting her catering business.

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Deadly Odds by Adrienne Giordano

She's an FBI agent turned consultant. He's the VP of operations at the Vegas hotel that hired her to manage their security.

Romantic Suspense
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane

She's a witch (and next in line to control their organization), he's the owner of a notorious underground club.

Paranormal Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

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