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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

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Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ The Dom Who Loved Me by Lexi Blake

She is an executive assistant (also: widowed mother). He is covert ops, currently hunting a deadly terrorist.

Romantic Suspense (M/F)

✦ Flirting with Forever by Kim Boykin

1st POV. Newly divorced heroine is supposed to go on a book tour for her marriage self-help book. Oops. Hero is her new publicist.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Her Protector's Pleasure by Grace Callaway

Wealthy and scandalous widow trying to find her kidnapped daughter + honorable policeman

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ Grave Intentions by Lori Sjoberg

Soldier turned reaper + scientist heroine.

Paranormal Romance (M/F)

✦ Picture Perfect Lie by Marquita Valentine

1st POV. Single mom + military hero. They briefly met in the airport; when she needs help, she lies and tells his family they're married. He returns and goes along with it.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ What a Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian

Goddess who needs sexual energy + a "fabled Cimmerian warrior whose sexual prowess is legendary".

Paranormal Romance (M/F)

✦ Dangerously Taken by Sidney Bristol

He's a retired Army Ranger, she is also former military, I believe. Now they must team up to rescue a hostage.

Romantic Suspense (M/F)

✦ Feels Like Home by Evelyn Adams

Doctor + the town's prodigal daughter (who just returned home).

Contemporary Romance (M/F)


✦ Reckless Viscount by Amy Sandas

English hero, Irish heroine.
Womanizing rake who needs a fortune to restore his estate + heiress who desperately wants a husband to love her.

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ My Wicked Valentine by Ann Mayburn

Event planner + BDSM club owner. in order to keep his club, he needs her to play his sub during the big V-Day party. As you do.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Roller Girl by Vanessa North

1st POV. Trans MC. Tina is recently divorced, coaches a derby team. Joe is a plumber.

Contemporary Romance (Queer, F/F)

✦ Charming by Dannika Dark

Opposites attract. Shifters. There's some history between the hero and her father.

Paranormal Romance (M/F)

✦ Hot Billionaire for Hire by Cat Johnson

1st POV. Billionaire promises a Navy Seal friend a favor and suddenly finds himself running from some bad guys, heroine in tow.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Handsome Rancher by Lori Wilde

Unrequited love (heroine). The hero's sister plays matchmaker to set them up. (As the title says, he is obviously a rancher.)

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ No Dukes Allowed by Grace Burrowes, etc

3 novellas, connected by the heroines who are sharing a seaside residence to escape the Season. The heroes are not dukes, though I'm unsure if they may still be titled?

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ Lucani Lovers Volume 1 by Stephanie Julian

3 books.
~ Werewolf / assassin to the king + human heroine
~ Witch + two shifter wolves. I think it's MFM
~ Wolf shifter heroine + human hero

Paranormal Romance (M/F)


✦ Tempted by Love by Jennifer Ryan

DEA agent falls for his best friend's little sister.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long

Widowed Countess + battle-hardened Captain.

Historical Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Laura Lee Guhrke

Marriage of convenience. American heiress + Duke. Once wed, he leaves the continent as part of their agreement. Now he wants to come home and actually woo his wife.

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ The Wolf at the Door by Charlie Adhara

Book 1 of 3 for the couple. Enemies to lovers. Former FBI agent ends up on a new PNR Bureau with a werewolf partner.
KU Title

Paranormal Romance (Queer, M/M)

✦ Unforgettable You by Brenda Novak

Second chance + secret baby (now a kid). Former bad boy returns to town. (CW: recent loss of a parent).

Contemporary Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Out of Control by Shannon McKenna

She's on the run after being framed for a murder, starts teaching at the gym next door. He's a private investigator.

Romantic Suspense (M/F)


✦ Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Office romance, boss / employee dynamic. He is the CEO (also: former rugby player). She is "emotionally scarred and painfully shy".

Contemporary Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

Shy author + infamous gambling club owner.

Historical Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

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