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Sarah's Review: A Match Made for Thanksgiving

A Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau
Publisher: Jackie Lau Books (October 8, 2019)
Series: Holidays with the Wongs, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F)

Advertising executive Nick Wong enjoys living in Toronto. He loves late nights partying and taking women back to his penthouse. And so it is with great reluctance that he returns to his boring hometown of Mosquito Bay for Thanksgiving.

This year, however, is even worse than usual. His interfering parents and grandparents, frustrated with the lack of weddings in the family, have invited blind dates for him and his three siblings. Nick’s brother Greg has been set up with Lily Tseng, who just so happens to be Nick’s latest one-night stand, the one he can’t get out of his mind.

Although Nick has never been interested in settling down, Lily has him reconsidering. Perhaps he’s good for more than a single night of sex, dumplings, and bubble tea after all. But first, he has to get through this painful weekend with his family and convince her that she should be with him, not Greg…

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Sarah's Review:

When sensible accountant Lily Tseng is dumped by her boyfriend for being boring, she decides (using a list, of course) to do something she has never done and have a one night stand. Wearing a cleavage baring red dress, she catches the attention of Nick Wong. He is always up for a one night stand and works to make it great for Lily as they leave her friends and head back to his house. Their chemistry is instant and explosive.

But it gave her a thrill to be able to see the city before her as a man had his head between her legs.

Nick Wong loves his city lifestyle and penthouse apartment, but he promised his family he would come home for Thanksgiving. Little did know his mom, dad, and grandparents were conspiring to set him, and his siblings, up for the holiday. As bad as being blindsided with a date, it was worse to see Lily at the door as the surprise date for his brother, Greg. When Nick and Lily are caught making out by his grandmother, they start to realize that they might work out.

This novella is a fun read as Nick and Lily realize the can be themselves and find a partner who is right for them. Lily doesn’t bore Nick. And Nick finds that being in a relationship that works doesn’t mean he has to give up the life he has worked so hard for. This is a lovely, low angst read. The conflict happens early in the book, when Lily leaves Nick after their one night stand, understanding they would not see each other again. They both want more, but don’t know what or how to ask for it.  We spend the story watching them navigate their own evolving desires, a meddling family, and lots of baked goods! We see glimpses of Lau’s other novels when Nick mentions the bakery “Happy as Pie” from her story The Ultimate Pi Day Party and we know that we will spend more time with the Wong family as Nick’s brothers and sister all need their own HEA. Another good read from Jackie Lau.


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