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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Player by Anne Marsh

1st POV. He's a former SEAL who runs a dog-training program. She needs a fake fiance.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ The Stage Manager by Viola Smart

Nick is looking for a new stage management job, Izzy is a teacher. They meet while working on a community theater Shakespeare production.

Contemporary Romance (Queer, F/F)

✦ Her Forbidden Warrior by Lucy King

Second chance. He's a former special forces operative turned businessman. They meet again while she's tracking down a family ring that her cheating ex stole

Romantic Suspense (M/F)

 ✦ A Mad Passion by Scarlett Scott

Second chance. He's worked hard to become a "respected politician" with a great reputation. She's "hopelessly trapped in a loveless marriage" (so possible cheating? idk).

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ Almost Jamie by Gina Robinson

1st POV. She's a doctor, he's a millionaire who loves to cosplay (as in Outlander, or a similar show). They meet at a local convention.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ The Norseton Wolves Mate Call Collection by Holley Trent

4 novellas where "the Norseston alpha plays matchmaker for the pack’s lonely, rough-around-the-edges, single wolves." One hero is scarred, so a bit of a BaTB feel?

Paranormal Romance (M/F)


✦ Three for All by Elia Winters

Married couple (MM) brings in another partner. Rock violinist (M) + two academics (M and F). I hear there's pegging, too!

Contemporary Romance, Erotic (Queer, M/M/F)

✦ The MacTaggart Brothers Trilogy by Anna Durand

3 books. 1st POV. Scottish heroes, American heroines.
~ Good girl wants a wild night
~ Meet at a wedding
~ Free-spirit computer programmer + uptight lawyer

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ The Elusive Earl by Maddison Michaels

Opposites attract. His mentor asks him to go help his "danger-prone” niece who is currently studying archaeology in Naples.

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ The Nature of the Game by Amy Aislin

Second chance. Hockey player. Forced proximity in a B and B due to a storm.

Contemporary Romance (Queer, M/M)

✦ Fierce and Fabulous by Elizabeth Varlet

Age gap. Dancer hero.
This does have the GFY trope so be aware of that. Tons of angst, too, including homophobic family.
I liked this one, it was hot.

Contemporary Romance (Queer, M/M)

✦ What a Lord Wants by Anna Harrington

A respected peer by day, a notoriously scandalous painter by night. A misunderstanding brings her to his studio and she can't resist agreeing to be his latest model.

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ Your Captivating Love by Layla Hagen

1st POV. He's a bit jaded on love and focuses on family and his company. She's finally pursuing her dream to open a clothing shop and has no time for distractions.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Into the Fire by Cynthia Dane, Hildred Billings

Former Marine + reclusive heiress. Said heiress needs a live-in girlfriend for a month.
Some suspense, I think, as it mentions someone is after her.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance (Queer, F/F)

✦ Blissed by Jamie Farrell

Previously titled "The Husband Games".
Single mom + world adventurer. There's some history between them. Now they must team up to save the town's traditional bridal festival.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Wedded in Sin by Jade Lee

She crafts shoes at a dress shop, he's a dispossessed younger son. Can he help her regain her lost inheritance without catching the attention of the ones who murdered her parents?
KU Title

Historical Romance (M/F)


✦ Acting Lessons by Katie Allen

Aspiring actress agrees to help a friend secure his trust fund by playing the fake girlfriend. Instead she falls for his (young) Uncle, a wounded vet.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ Cross Breed by Lora Leigh

(Scientists mixed human DNA with predators' DNA to create The Breeds.) She's a rare mix of wolf and coyote. To save her sister, she offers up her body to the hero, who turns out to be her mate.

Paranormal Romance (M/F)


$2.27 ✦ The Duke's Daughters by Amanda Scott

2 books, the heroines are sisters.
~ Ice queen + marriage of convenience with her childhood enemy
~ Oops, she falls for her fiance's best friend

Historical Romance (M/F)

✦ Engaging the Enemy by Reese Ryan

Childhood nemesis. Fake engagement. He'll do whatever it takes to be CEO (bourbon distillery).

Contemporary Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Fierce Justice by Piper J. Drake

She's a K9 handler. He's a "wounded soldier of fortune". He needs her help to bust a kidnapping ring.

Romantic Suspense (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Everlasting Desire by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Friends to lovers. He's a chef.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

✦ You're Still the One by Darcy Burke

Second chance. He comes home to find she's working at his family's brewery.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)
Kindle | NOOK 

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