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Sarah's Review: A Fake Girlfriend for Chinese New Year

A Fake Girlfriend for Chinese New Year by Jackie Lau
Publisher: Jackie Lau Books (January 7, 2020)
Series: Holidays with the Wongs, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F)

After his family’s matchmaking extravaganza at Thanksgiving, high school teacher Zach Wong is terrified of what his parents might do for Chinese New Year. Surely they’ll try to set him up yet again, especially now that his older brothers are in relationships. Zach, however, has no interest in dating, not since his fiancée left him.

The solution? Find a fake girlfriend to avoid his parents’ matchmaking.

Jo MacGregor, the town dentist, is the obvious choice. They both live in Mosquito Bay and have been friends for years, ever since they bonded over broken engagements. A few kisses and dates around town, and everyone will believe they’re in a relationship. No problem.

Except their fake relationship is starting to feel more and more real… 

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Sarah's Review:

Zach Wong has spent Thanksgiving and Christmas watching his brothers get set up by his family. Even though things have worked out for Nick and Greg, Zach wants to be preemptive for the family’s Chinese New Year celebration. He is a simple high school chemistry teacher who moved back to his hometown to work after college. He thought his former fiancée would be happy with small town life, but she wasn’t. It’s been four years, but he knows he’s not ready for love.

Luckily, the town dentist, Dr. Jo MacGregor, has been his reliable Friday night bar partner for years. They both had broken engagements and don’t seem in a rush to settle down. Zach decides, if Jo is amenable, a few dates and some well timed kisses will start the rumor mill and assure that his family won’t have a blind date for him during the holiday. Easy Peasy!

Jo agrees, if only to try to work Zach out of her system. While they are great friends and both love hockey and small town life, she has been harboring a crush. One she feels like she can’t act on because Zach is adamant he doesn’t want another relationship.

What Zach isn’t aware of is how competitive Jo is. It comes out during a skating date as well as his family’s New Year Pictionary game. They make a great team, but this is supposed to be a fake’s beginning to feel more and more real.

Suddenly, after years of friendship, kissing her was just what he needed.

I love this fictional universe. You get to see Nick and Greg ribbing their little brother the way he joked on them for the last two holidays. You see the Wong parents and grandparents playing and joking and loving one another. Lau takes on issues of biracial identity and consent in ways that make the story better. I am so glad for another glimpse into this world! Another 4 star read from Jackie Lau!


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