Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Book Deals

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

FREE ✦ Starlight Dunes by Vickie McKeehan

She's an archaeologist. He's a cop, currently recovering from an attempt on his life a few weeks before (someone rigged his garage door with a bomb).

Romantic Suspense (M/F)

$0.99 ✦ By the Hour by Roni Loren

She's a sex therapist (doctor). He was an escort but now works as a sex surrogate at the same institute as her.
Some kink/BDSM and hot hate fucking.

Erotic Romance, Contemporary (M/F)

$1.99 ✦ Racked and Stacked by Lorelei James

Opposites attract. She's a total tomboy, he's a player. She's a trucker, he's a cowboy turned stock contractor.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

$1.99 ✦ Seduce Me with Sapphires by Jane Feather

She's a proper lady but dreams of being an actress and secretly tries out for the leading role. He's the playwright for the show.

Historical Romance (M/F)

$2.99 ✦ Catch Me If You Can by Donna Kauffman

He's an archaeologist. She takes care of her family's Scottish castle. After his father's death, he finds out he's now the new investor in her family's property.

Contemporary Romance (M/F)

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