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Exclusive Excerpt: Risking the Shot by Amy Aislin

Amy Aislin: Thank you for joining me to celebrate the release of my newest m/m romance, Risking the Shot, the fourth book in my Stick Side series. If you like hockey romances, be sure to check it out. Risking the Shot has an age gap romance, a single dad, and a hockey player falling for a cake decorator.

TBQ has allowed me to briefly take over the blog today, and I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt. Check it out below!

Risking the Shot
by Amy Ainslin
Publisher: September 8th, 2020
Series: Stick Side, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Queer, M/M)

Time for distractions? Hardly. 

A chance at making the playoffs? It’s a dream for NHL forward Taylor Cunningham that just might come true. If he can keep his eyes on the ball—ahem, puck. And study for midterms. Dakota Cotton, eleven years his senior, isn’t just a distraction, though—he’s everything Tay’s ever wanted.

Dakota has no interest in introducing someone who might not stick around to his four-year-old son. Been there, done that, with the divorce to prove it. But there’s something about Tay that hits all of the right buttons and has him wanting to take a chance. 

As things heat up between them, and the pressure to succeed hits an all-time high, will they risk a shot at happiness or choke? 

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Risking the Shot by Amy Aislin
Book Excerpt

Five-thirty was much too early of a wake up call.

Yawning, Dakota leaned back against the counter in his kitchen in nothing but old sweatpants, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. Next to him, Tay bopped his hips along to the music streaming on Dakota’s bluetooth speakers, some pop number Dakota vaguely remembered hearing on the radio, while scrambling them eggs and chopping fruit at the same time.

Oh, the vigor of youth.

Dakota had been like that too at twenty-three—able to stay up having sex all night and then be ready to go before the sun came up the next morning. He was certainly feeling invigorated today; didn’t mean he couldn’t use a power nap before work.

“Stay in bed,” Tay had murmured into his neck when the alarm Dakota had set after their last round went off much too soon.

“I’m up,” Dakota had mumbled, forcing his eyes open, wanting another hour alone with Tay before he left for morning skate. Tay kissed the back of his neck, up to his ear, and over his jaw, tiny barely there kisses that sent delicious shivers coursing down Dakota’s spine.

Reaching an arm back, Dakota hooked it around Tay’s neck, urging Tay to lean over him so he could kiss him, unbrushed teeth, morning breath, and all. Tay chuckled into the kiss, scattered little ones over Dakota’s stubbled cheeks, then bounced out of bed. “Do you have breakfast things?” he asked, arms up over his head in a languid stretch.

Never mind the alarm; a naked Tay with sleep creases on his shoulder and cheek, sporting morning wood and morning scruff, dried come in his pubes, was a better wake up call than incessant beeping.

“Just don’t eat the Paw Patrol yogurt,” Dakota said.

Paw Patrol yogurt, Tay mouthed. Then he shrugged, pulled on his briefs, and disappeared downstairs.

For a moment, Dakota lay in bed, smiling at the ceiling, the covers bunched around his waist. Tay was fun. When was the last time Dakota had fun of the adult variety? The last time Andy had stayed the night at Fiona’s? That was…last September? And his fun adult night out in The Village with Calder had been cut short with a phone call from Andy just after ten, begging his dad to come pick him up. Andy loved spending the night at Calder’s. But at his mom’s? Not so much.

The coffee spurted, finally finished brewing, pulling Dakota to the present. He poured them each a cup and handed one to Tay. “Do you need to go home and get your gear?”

“Nope.” Tay grinned at him over his shoulder. “It’s in my car.”

Dakota paused with the mug halfway to his mouth.

Tay smiled wider. “Brought it with me. I was hopeful.” He went back to the eggs. “Plus, I overheard Calder say that Andy was staying with him, remember?”

“Doesn’t mean you had to stay,” Dakota teased.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I look reluctant?”

Chuckling, Dakota kissed the back of his neck, then set the table. Plates, cutlery, butter for the bread Tay popped in the toaster, jam, salt and pepper, hot sauce, maple syrup.

“What’s the maple syrup for?” Tay asked, turning off the burner. He placed the pan of eggs on a trivet on the table.

Dakota grunted. “Habit.” He put it back in the fridge. “Andy likes maple syrup on his scrambled eggs. On everything, really.”

“Ooh, that sounds good.”

Opening the fridge again, Dakota removed the syrup and handed it to Tay when he walked past with a plate of toast. Ass muscles clenched and released, clenched and released, as Tay headed for the breakfast nook, and his back muscles moved sinuously, like rippling water. Dakota swallowed hard and let the fridge slam closed. Did they have time for a quickie before Tay had to leave?

Only if Tay sacrificed breakfast, and given he was about to go skate for however-many hours, and then probably work out for however-many hours after that, that didn’t seem like a good idea. In fact, he should be eating more than eggs, fruit, and toast.

“Are you a steak and eggs kind of guy? I have leftover steak from last night.”

“Only if you want to get rid of it,” Tay said. He looked like an overgrown child sitting at the breakfast nook without a shirt. “I saw it in there but didn’t want to assume I could take it.”

“My fridge is your fridge.”

“Except for the Paw Patrol yogurt.”

Dakota plated the steak and popped it in the microwave, throwing Tay a smile over his shoulder. “Andy’s generally a pretty easy-going kid, but God forbid someone eats his yogurt.”

~ Amy Aislin

About the author:

Amy's lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she's read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess. Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she's been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn't at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada's largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group, Amy Aislin’s Readers, to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her newsletter. 

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