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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ What Happens in Piccadilly by Chasity Bowlin

Earl who was just appointed guardian + the new governess . . . who looks like a missing heiress that someone in society wants dead.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ Storming His Heart by Marie Harte

They're rival private investigators. Oh and she can control minds, he can see the future.

Romantic Suspense (MF)

✦ The Secret of the Surviving Earl by Cara Maxwell

Widow + exiled Lord in disguise.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ Game of Chance by Erika Wilde

Former Marine turned Vegas vice cop + journalist.

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ Romance of the Ruin by Judith Hale Everett

She finds a ruined manor nearby and wants to rebuild it, which would mean marrying the owner. He's the grumpy caretaker.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ Hidden Hollywood by Kylie Gilmore

Actress + tech CEO. His twin brother asks him to take his place on a blind date.

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ Cold and Deadly by Toni Anderson

He's an FBI Crisis Negotiator, she's the headstrong rookie agent. Together they must team up when a killer is targeting the FBI.

Romantic Suspense (MF)

✦ The Duke Conspiracy by Wendy May Andrews

Spying debutante + duke + conspiracy. Childhood friends until a family feud drove them apart.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ Forbidden Song by Brooklyn Ann

Rock star (lead singer) + best friend's little sister. She's studying group dynamics to earn her PhD and then plans to become a band therapist.

Contemporary Romance (MF)


✦ Once Upon a Time in Bath by Cheryl Bolen

Marriage of convenience. Though he has no memory of the night, he lost everything at the tables and needs a rich wife ASAP.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ SEAL's Promise by Makenna Jameison

She's an event planner, he's a Navy SEAL. She's caught up in a hostage standoff at sea.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ The Rogue's Conquest by Lily Maxton

Scientist/wallflower + former prizefighter who needs a perfect, wealthy wife to enter society.

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ The Billionaire's Fake Engagement by Leslie North

Grumpy billionaire must help stage an art exhibition with an awkward artist. While at the press conference, she accidentally says they're engaged.

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ Hard Ass in Love by Sasha Burke

1st POV. Grumpy-sunshine. He's a single dad, she's a therapist.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ A Bit of Rough by Jackie Barbosa

She's the daughter of an Earl and writes radical essays, he's a Mexican refugee who publishes her work in his illegal newspaper.

Historical Romance (MF)



✦ Follow Your Heart by Brenda Jackson

Family friends. She's a journalist, he's a senator.

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ Something Fabulous by Alexis Hall

Reserved Duke sets off after his runaway fiance, with her twin brother at his side. Is he marrying the wrong twin though?
KU Title

Historical Romance (MM)

✦ Promise of Darkness by Bec McMaster

1st POV. Royalty from warring Fae courts. But is she the one prophesied to unite them or destroy them?

Fantasy Romance (MF)

✦ Shifter by Lora Leigh et al

4 novellas, including a panther shifter, jaguar shifter, and a selkie.

Paranormal Romance (MF)

✦ You Were Made to Be Mine by Julie Anne Long

Sheltered Lady + jaded spy. He was supposed to find an Earl's runaway fiancee -- aka, the heroine -- but it turns out she had a legitimate reason to run...

Historical Romance (MF)

✦ Serpent's Kiss by Thea Harrison

Vampyre Queen searching for the cure to a a vampyric disease that's killing her + the Wyr warrior she made a bargain with.

Paranormal Romance (MF)

✦ When Lightning Strikes by Brenda Novak

She owns a PR firm in LA. He's a big Hollywood star in need of a new image, perhaps by fake marrying a small town girl.

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ Savor Me Slowly by Gena Showalter

She's been mechanically augmented with superhuman strength. He's an Alien Investigation and Removal agent she's been sent to rescue.

Sci-Fi Romance (MF)


$2.49 ✦ Matched by Pippa Grant

Second chance. Country music star + cutthroat divorce attorney.
KU Title

Contemporary Romance (MF)

✦ A Forever Kind of Love by Nora Roberts

Two books featuring:
~ Broadway composer hero
~ Former prima ballerina opens a dance studio + contractor

Contemporary Romance (MF)


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