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JXR's Review: To Woo and to Wed

To Woo and to Wed
by Martha Waters
Publisher: Atria Books (February 6, 2024)
Series: The Regency Vows, 5
Genre: Historical Romance (MF)

The final installment in the “hilarious and steamy” (PopSugar) Regency Vows series follows the heir to a dukedom and a young widow, once very much in love, as they reunite years later to fake an engagement for the benefit of her sister.

West, the Marquess of Weston, and Sophie, Lady Fitzwilliam Bridewell, have lately been spending a considerable amount of time together. But West and Sophie are not new acquaintances. In fact, years ago, they had once been nearly engaged until West’s almost fatal curricle accident and his meddling father threw them off course.

Now recently widowed, Sophie has put aside all thoughts of romance. But when her widowed sister, Alexandra, mentions a fondness for an earl, Sophie realizes that she may be holding her sister back. Alexandra won’t move forward with an engagement until Sophie, too, settles down again, and so Sophie approaches West with a plan. They will announce their engagement and break things off once Alexandra is happily married. It’ll be simple. After all, it’s not like she is going to fall for West a second time, not when Sophie has sworn not to risk her heart again.

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JXR's Review:

To Woo and To Wed by Martha Waters is a gorgeous historical romance featuring protagonists West and Sophie, both Regency-era nobility. They used to be engaged, but West had a tragic accident and their engagement was completely thrown off. But now that Sophie's sister Alexandra has fallen in love, she wishes Sophie (formerly married to West's old friend, and now widowed) to find her own true love too. And as such Sophie and West make a deal, to become fake engaged to get Alexandra comfortable enough to marry her beau. It's not like they could catch real feelings again... right?

This historical second-chance fake dating romance was utterly gorgeous, y'all! Like . . . West was such a fun MMC, and Sophie was an absolutely awesome FMC, although at points I found myself a little frustrated by her. The characters were very humanized and human, and I loved the strong disability rep. This story is also very angsty (naturally), due to a lot of major factors such as West's meddling and pretty darn awful father, as well as West struggling with his own sense of self worth post his leg injury.  One thing I did find annoying was Sophie at about 70% in, but it quickly returned to its gorgeous form. And the romantic tension was just sizzling. Like I found myself shouting Kiss. Kiss. KISS! at the screen when I was reading this one. So yeah, if you hear me doing that it's gotta be something good and this one fit that standard, my gosh!

Thanks so much to Altria Books and NetGalley for the eARC! And nice to meet you all, all ya wonderful readers! 


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