Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Ko-Fi and My Sketchbook: My Happy Place

Last fall, I started messing around with painting, after seeing so many pretty pieces in my Tiktok feed and thinking "Surely that looks simple enough for me to do...."

So my boyfriend gifted me a set of watercolor paints (this one, btw, which is on sale right now and worth it!) and off I started on my art journey, with no experience or destination in mind, just having fun.

And I have had a lot of fun, trying new things, learning from others, and trying to find my own style.

And then earlier this year my boyfriend gifted me some acyrlic paints to try.

Oops, rambling, sorry. Basically just to say I've been having fun sketching and painting. And while I was previously sharing my pieces on Twitter, I think I'll start sharing the final pieces on my Ko-Fi page. One-time and monthly supporters both will be able to see the artwork, as well as other exclusive posts (for example, I've started posting the book deals on Ko-Fi about 12 hours before the blog or my social media pages).

Want a sneak peek at the piece I'm calling "My Happy Place"? 

Head on over to my Ko-Fi page if you want to see the rest!


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