Monday, June 30, 2008

"Heat of the Night" Provides PLENTY of Steamy-ness!

Bad boys are her weakness and no one is as wicked as Connor Bruce . . .

He is the realization of every woman's erotic fantasies. Existing in the Twilight between sleep and consciousness, Connor brings them decadent pleasures, fueled by their sexual energy. But violence and strife now tear apart both worlds, and Connor must embark on a perilous quest into the mortal realm . . . and into the arms of one intoxicating enchantress.

Stacey Daniels has always been attracted to the wrong type of men - and the muscular, Viking-like champion on her front doorstep is no exception. She can hardly believe the wounded warrior is from another world, a world where erotic dreams are needed to survive, a world of terrible danger that has followed him to her home. Connor finds solace in her passion, but only time will tell if he can defeat the dark foe who hunts them . . . and if Stacey can surrender to the promise he offers with every electrifying touch.

Though Heat of the Night by Sylvia Day was written as part of a series, like most romances, it is one that you can read without picking up the first book and not risk getting confused or lost. Of course, reading the first one will not hurt you, and if it's anywhere near as good as the second, you'll love it also!

I love a good steamy paranormal book. So when I read books from that genre, I am usually kind of harsh on them when I review them-- that is, if the books was not up to my standards. However, I have nothing bad to say about Heat of the Night, it was just that good! Unlike some paranormal type romances that seem to be yet another 'vampire story' or just another 'demons are attacking' story (Both of which I love, when they are done correctly.), Sylvia Day's newest series is unique and gripping, providing a great story to get lost in on a hot summer's day. But be warned: Before starting this book, grab a huge pitcher of ice cold lemonade and a fan--heck, forget the lemonade part, just grab the pitcher of ice! Because when you open up this book, only a few chapters in and you'll be submerged in the hot, steamy love of Connor and Stacey. This book's content are not for that faint of heart.

As much as I love the romance behind a, you guessed it!, romance book, I also like the story to be more than just the gushy, heartwarming emotions that cause something in your stomache to flutter (butterflies, perhaps?). Don't get me wrong, those emotions are precious and they are what makes a book- and a relationship- about more than just straight up no-strings-attached sex. But I want more, I want to read about the reckless passion that started all of those feelings. The wild, untamed, slightly more baser emotions that humanity has had to deal with from the beginning of time, the one that reminds us that men were meant to be created different from women so that they could join, becoming two halves of one whole. Heat of the Night delivers all of that and so much more.

For centuries, Connor has been the hard Elite killer, keeping both the Dreamers and fellow Guardians safe from the Nightmares. But when he makes the choice of moving to the Twilight, AKA regular Earth, to track down an evil being out to harm their civilization, possibly destory it forever, he had no idea that on the other side, a hot-blooded single mother would be waiting for him-- and waiting to turn his whole world upside down! When he shows up at Aidan, his best firend and fellow ex-Elite member, he wasn't expecting the curvy, beautiful woman to open the door, to both the house and his heart.

Stacey can't believe that there is a sexy man standing in her friend's doorway, looking like an ancient Viking stepping off his ship, set on conquering anything. Thought she doesn't understand what's going on, and she wants to shove him back out the door, her body seems to think differently. Of course, after he rests (The journey over always weakens his kind.) he sets out to seduce her-- but does he end up with more than he set out for? Instead of simply an exchange of bodies, does it end up being a deeper, more meaningful exchange of hearts and souls? Both of them are hesitant to believe that a permanent relationship will work out between the two of them, but they both try, because they know that they cannot live without each other. It would simply be existing, a body physically alive, but not truly living.

Besides the great romance and steamy sex, Heat of the Night also provides some action and adventure. Together they save her son from the clutches of the ex-Guardian that Connor was originally sent her to follow. In the end, all ends well, and they settle down to become one big happy family.

5/5 stars! Heat of the Night is a great book if you love your romances to be more supernatural than realistic and borderline erotic instead of a tamer courtship. Don't miss this great series by a wonderful author!

Until next time... Read plenty, laugh often, love unconditionally, and live each day to the fullest!


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