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Review Policy

NOTE: As of January 2014, I'm only accepting limited review requests. My pile is simply out of control and I need to take a break!

If you are interested in having one of my guest reviewers (Kame or Pat) review your book, I can pass your review request email along. Keep in mind they do not cover all the genres I do, but if your book matches what they like, I'll let them know it's available.

Danielle (The_Book_Queen)

Interested in Having Your Book Reviewed?

Genres I Review:
              Of almost any kind (contemporary, historical, paranormal)
              NOTE: I do not read M/M or other GLBT books. I hope that you  can respect my choice, as this is purely personal taste in books and has nothing to do with the actual GLBT community. Thanks!
               I have only recently started reading a few M/M romances. It is not likely that TBQ's Book Palace will ever be a main site for this particular genre. However, I will be sharing a few reviews of books that I have found and loved. I'm not sure if I will accept review requests for this genre, at least at this time, as I am still just dipping my toes into the genre. Feel free to try contacting me if you have a M/M romance that you think I would enjoy and I will consider it!
              Of almost any kind
              NOTE: I do not read M/M or other GLBT books. I hope that you can respect my choice, as this is purely personal taste and has nothing to do with the actual GLBT community. Thanks!
              NOTE: I do not read erotica with extreme fetishes. If you are unsure what books may fall in this category, contact me!
            Mainly Urban Fantasy, with a few other exceptions
            Mainly Fantasy, but occasionally romance or contemporary in this category
            Must fit into the upper YA category--that is, no children's books. If it's marketed for under 16, I will not review it for this blog.
            Contemporary, paranormal...I'm not picky!

Genres I Won't Review:
~Christian Fiction
~M/M romances or erotica (see above for more info, though as I said, it's a *possible* genre that will show up on this blog in the future)

Formats I Accept:
~Print (hardback OR paperback, both of which I prefer, and always will)
~E-Books (PDF or NOOK compatible only, please!)   I have a Kindle now, MOBI files are best

My Rating System:

5 Stars= Fantastic. Perfect rating, and a must read for anyone!

4.5 Stars= Great--- highly recommended!

4 Stars= Good, a very enjoyable read.

3.5 Stars= Nice, quick read.

3 Stars= Okay, about average.

2.5 Stars= Eh....Not the worst, but below average.

2 Stars= Borderline fail...Something was missing!

1.5 Stars= I didn't like it.

1 Star= Major flaws.... Or not my cup of tea, depends on how you care to look at it...

.5 Star= DNF or DNE (did not enjoy--- at all).

About my Reviews:
~I try to be honest in all my reviews, but I never set out to deliberately tear down an author about their writing. If I am writing a “negative review”, the most I will do is point out parts or reasons why I did not enjoy the book, but I will not say, at any point, that the author was incompetent in anyway!

~My reviews usually consist of a brief summary of the storyline, followed by the reasons I liked (or did not like) the book, perhaps an example or two that explains why I liked/did not like it, and my overall rating and final word on it. My reviews are not always long, but neither are they terribly short—I say what needs to be said and that's it. Average reviews vary from 250-800 words, it truly just depends on what I have to say.

~Lately I've started putting favorite quotes from the book in my reviews. This does not always happen (as sometimes either I do not have a favorite one to highlight OR there are too many to pick...or I forget, if we're honest). Some of the "categories" I do include sweet quotes, spicy quotes, favorite quote (overall), favorite quote (general) and favorite funny quote. When I quote, I always give credit to the author!

~My reviews are also posted on: LibraryThing, GoodReads, Facebook, BN Amazon, and, (in the case of my NOR reviews) NightOwlReviews. I am a bit behind on updating these other sites at the moment, but I will have them up as soon as I can!

~When I post a review on the above sites, I post a "partial review" (usually because of character limits on these sites), which will include perhaps the first 1/2 to 3/4 of the review posted here. At the top of the review, I tell readers that it is a partial review, and let them know that if they wish to read my full review they can do so here (I provide a direct link to the review on my blog).

~I try to post reviews in a timely manner, but obviously things do come up that may prevent this. ARC reviews are usually held off until about a month before the release date; reviews for already released books are posted soon after I complete them.

~I am also open to Giveaways, Author Interviews, Guest Posts, Blog Tours and the like. Please see this page for more information!


When I accept any book for review the point is, obviously, to get a review in return.

However, I reserve the right to choose not to write a review after reading the book.

Possible reasons why I could choose not to write the review include: 

~Low rating (I have yet to post a truly negative review on my site, and I hope to never do so)
~Lack of things to say (I hate when I have nothing to say, and my review ends up like twenty others that I've written--generic phrases and praises, but no real substance)
~Lack of time (Life changes--I had time when I accepted the book for review, hence the reason I accepted. But by the time I read it, this is not always the case, and there are some things in life that are more important than my blog, as much as I love it).

If I accept your book for review, please understand that I do not review every book, for various reasons (including the ones listed above). Should I choose to still write a review, I will let you know when it will be posted on my blog.

The average turn around time on reviews is 2 months. If you wish to have your book reviewed shortly before or after its release date, it would be best to plan on contacting me at least 2 months before that time. Giving us more time is always best, as it allows us to not only plan our "need to review" list, but it also allows me to mark out a good date for the review on the calendar.


If you are interested in having me review your book or host you here on TBQ's Book Palace, please email me:, with your request in the subject line (ie: Author Interview Request or Book Review Request).


If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, etc, again, feel free to email me, and I'd be happy to help!

Danielle (TBQ)


Until Next Time,

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