Monday, July 28, 2008

"To Bed a Beauty" Conquers Love

Nicole Jordan takes the delights of the Regency mating game to breathless new heights in this daring second novel of a superb new trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Clever and charming Roslyn Loring, the middle child of three beautiful, independent sisters, knows that true happiness lies in a marriage of the heart–and she has hers set on a love-match with a neighboring earl. Yet her sharp mind has observed an undeniable truth: Gentlemen lavish passion on their mistresses, not their wives. Roslyn realizes that to win her future husband’s devotion, she must learn the secrets of kindling a gentleman’s ardor. Fortunately, she finds a willing tutor in Drew Moncrief, the Duke of Arden, a notorious rake whispered to be London’s most magnificent lover. If his searing kisses are any indication, the duke is the ideal man to teach Roslyn how to be the perfect mistress.

Drew begins schooling Roslyn while coolly guarding his heart. But as best-laid plans are thwarted by unexpected events–including a night of unforgettable passion–Roslyn and her wickedly arousing tutor discover how easily lessons in pleasure can become lessons in love. . .

The second book in the outstanding new series by Nicole Jordan, To Bed a Beauty provides everything needed in a great romance novel: great love, steamy sex, a few laughs, lessons on seduction...Nothing could possibly make it any better!

I loved the connection that Drew and Roslyn had, even if they fought if for the longest time. I found Roslyn's character to be interested and refreshing-- she wasn't weak or shy, nor was she ditzy or spoiled, like I have found some heroine's to be. Shy, I can deal with, but the others, I can't. Roslyn was the complete opposite. She knew what she wanted, she was willing to take risks, she's not ashamed of her studious ways *Which really appealed to me, since I am the exact same way.*

The only problem I had, if you can really call it a problem, was the hero's name, 'Drew'. Yes, it's short for Andrew, which I might have been able to handle better...maybe. I know I shouldn't, but when I am reading books, I sometimes judge the characters based on the names. For some reason, 'Drew' brings to my mind a middle-aged man with more inches around his waist than hair on his head. I'm sorry if this affends anyone reading this, but that's just what I think of-- maybe because of past acquaintances? No matter the reason, I wasn't happy with Nicole's choice for the hero's name. Drew sounds more like the name of a best friend of the hero, not the name of the main character.

4.5/5 STARS! Nicole Jordan has accomplished perfection yet again! A great romantic read with plenty of passionate and loving moments, a bit of a 'mystery' to solve, and even a few carefree moments. A definite 'Must Read' for any romance fan!



Julia Phillips Smith said...

I hadn't heard of this series before, but it sounds rather fun. Lessons from a notorious rake are pretty irresistable...

The_Book_Queen said...

Really? Well then, Julia, I am glad that have 'introduced' you to a new series. I love Nicole Jordan's novels, and these three (Only the first two of which I have reviewed so far) are just as perfect. I promise, if you love sexy romances, you'll love these!

And yes, lessons from a rake are really quite hard to resist....*SIGH* Too bad there are not any more notorious rakes around....

P.S.: If you have not read any of her other books yet, I would also highly recommend her previous works, which are just as steamy, romantic, and fun!