Friday, August 29, 2008

"The Secret Circle Volume I" Is a Magical Success!

Synopis from B&

The circle's power has lured her home

Forced to move from sunny California to gloomy New England, Cassie longs for her old life. Even so, she feels a strange kinship to a terrifying group of teens who seem to rule her school. Initiated into the coven of witches that's controlled New Salem for hundreds of years, she's drawn into the Secret Circle, a thrill that's both intoxicating and deadly. But when she falls for the mysterious and intriguing Adam, Cassie must choose whether to resist temptation or risk dark forces to get what she wants—even if it means that one wrong move could ultimately destroy her.

Though her previous novels have revolved mainly around vampires, werewolves and all the other paranormal creatures of the night, The Secret Circle focuses just on the witches. But don't let that get you down-- it's still just as amazing as all of her other books, and I promise that any teen fantasy fan, especially L.J. Smith fans, will love this captivating tale of romance, betrayal, magic and danger. NOTE: This is the first two books in the series, originally released seperately in the mid-to-late '80s, reprinted together for the first time. The next two in the series, also out of print and being re-released two-books-in-one will be released soon.

Who wouldn't want to read a book filled with love and mystery, adventure and magic, friendship and betrayal? It has everything you could possibly want! *Well, okay, so maybe adding in werewolves and/or vampires and hot Highlanders would make it slightly better, if possible, but that's probably just my preferences... :) *

Just like with her other books, the thing I loved about The Secret Cirlce was the way that L.J. Smith writes-- with beautiful descriptions that make you feel like you really are there in the story, in this amazing fantasy world that she's weaved together. And the story line! Very interesting... By the end of the book, you're still not sure if Faye is as evil as she acts and sounds or if there really is some good in here. Is it the Darkness that was accidently released from the crystal skull that is causing all the mayhem and death in New Salem, is it another witch *Faye, possibly?* or is it something else.....or someone else? She leaves you wondering, haning on till the very end, and then letting you drop of, making you wait for the next book. And while you are upset that you won't know what happens next for a few months, it's a good upset-- it's not the 'Wow, I hated that book/ending/characters and if I read the next one it will only be so I can see if it gets better' kind of hate, it's more like the 'Wait, but what happens next?! What do you mean I have to wait!?' kind of hate.

5/5 STARS! For the perfect fantasy/romance read, especially if you've finished Breaking Dawn and you are wondering 'What do I read now?!', I highly suggestion that you go out to the bookstore and pick up The Secret Circle, along with all of L.J. Smith's other books. I promise, you will not regret it!


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