Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Marked by Moonlight"

SYNOPIS from B&N.com:

She doesn't know what bit her...
Seemingly overnight, Claire Morgan has transformed: the normally mousy schoolteacher is now bold, and her behavior is truly wild. Her eyes gleam silver. Suddenly she's a self-confident femme fatale with a libido that just won't quit. After an impulsive makeover, she's even...dare she say it?...sexy. Is Claire going insane?

Then brutally handsome stranger Gideon March tells her she was bitten by a werewolf, and Claire figures he's the insane one. Sure, she was attacked by a nasty dog in a back alley, but this guy stalking her says he's a member of an underground society of lycan hunters -- and his mission is to kill her immediately.

When Claire finally realizes she really is a lycan, there's no turning back -- because by now Claire and Gideon are bound by a hungry passion. If they can't break the curse by the next full moon, Claire's soul will be lost forever and Gideon will be forced to terminate his prey -- a woman dangerously close to devouring him, heart and soul.

This book had everything-- love, lust, action, suspense, paranormal themes, and even a few laughs. Even though I didn't particularly like the fact that in this world, lycans, aka werewolves, are bad creatures, evil and soulless, I still thought that Sharie Kohler, AKA Sophia Jordan, did a pretty good job of proving that she can write paranormal romances almost as good as she can historical ones!

I liked that the heroine was kind of shy and quiet, mousy is often use to describe her, but she still gets the man and she even realizes that she can stick up for herself, that she is a strong, brave woman. I like that-- I can't stand having a whiny, wimpy heroine, and I'm sorry, but I was getting a bit tired of all the heroines in the previous four or so romances I've read being blondes. Yeah Brunettes! *And yes, I am one of them (brunette, that is)...*

The hero was sexy and fierce, and I think he would have made a great werewolf alpha male, but oh well. He had a bit of a bad past, which was what made him join the organization that kills the lycans. And the name... Gideon... Seriously, is there a sexier name out there? Well, okay, so maybe there are a few, but Gideon is still pretty high on the sexy list!

I'm interesting in finding out Darius's story, the ancient lycan that Claire and Gideon 'befriend'. He's not evil and soulless like he should be, and of course he's described as being deliciously handsome. I'm hoping that she's going to write his story. Also, I know that the next book in this series covers Kit's *Gideon's sister* story, which should be good! I cannot wait to read it!

4.5/5 stars! A great story that combines many elements together almost flawlessly and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! I will say that I do wish she had played up the 'romance' element a little bit more, because it seemed to take a backseat more than a few times throughout the story. Still, even that wasn't enough to ruin the over all book.



Amy C said...

Hi there :)

Totally off topic first...I wanted to comment on your profile...A 17th Century Highland Warrior Vampire...YUUUUMY!! I want one too :).

On to your review...I read Marked by Moonlight when it released. I really liked it and I just bought the second one Kiss of a Dark Moon. Looking forward to reading that one. My TBR pile is huge, but not as big as yours :)!

And thank you for dropping by and commenting on my giveaway post :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Well then get in line! Lol. As soon as I find one of my own, I promise to ask if he has any brother or friends that are single, Okay? ;)

I'm really interesting in reading Kit's story, so as soon as my pile goes down a bit *Which is almost impossible, by the way*, its one of the top books on my list!

No problem. Wow, that is a majorly awesome giveaway though! I haven't heard of a few of the books, and a couple of them I already have, but still. I doubt I'll win anyway.. Probably wouldn't help my TBR pile any if I did, huh? :D

Amy C said...

Okay, I'm in line (But I never said I don't cut!) :P

I have two more books I'm adding to the list for the giveaway. Depending on how many I add, I might make it three book winners, instead of two. That would up your chances :).

The_Book_Queen said...

Thats okay-- I never said I played fair either! ;)

That would be great! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Tracy said...

I liked this one when it came out also. I'm looking forward to Kit's story.