Friday, October 10, 2008

"A Taste of Darkness"

Synopis from B&
He’d lived a thousand years for this? It’s enough to make a vampire want to rush outside to soak up some rays, order garlic mashed potatoes, or fall on a wooden stake.

The council, in its infinite stupidity, has made Reinn Mackenzie the Guardian of the Blood for his vampire clan. Talk about crappy jobs. He’s supposed to run around lopping off the head of any Mackenzie dumb enough to mate with someone not on the council’s approved list. Gotta keep the Mackenzie blood pure. Giant whoop. He’s nothing but a glorified Weedwacker for the clan. So he’s stuck at the Woo Woo Inn, skulking undercover while he looks for the right moment to off the clueless Mackenzie about to marry a sneaky, manipulating werecat. Reinn doesn't get it. Who’d be stupid enough to die for a deceitful, whisker-twitching shifter?

Kisa Evans has a boatload of problems. She’s a virgin, someone is stalking her with the intent to keep her in cat form forever, she’s a virgin, the deadly Guardian of the Blood is out to murder her sister’s fiancĂ©, and she’s a virgin. Werecat law says that she can’t mate with any male weaker than herself. Hello? She’s not your usual lap kitty. There IS no male stronger than Kisa.
But minds were meant to be changed. When Reinn meets Kisa, he realizes that his sexy werecat is worth dying for. Kisa finally finds a male stronger than she is and admits that the enemy has become her love. Too bad that love can’t erase the dangers surrounding them.

A happily ever after doesn’t seem likely for Reinn and Kisa, but not to worry. Strange things are the norm at the Woo Woo Inn.
As with all of Nina Bang's romance novels, A Taste of Darkness is filled with the right amount of everything: touching romance, hot steamy love scenes, paranormal themes left and right, some action/suspense, and a truck load of laughs! It is a great ride, from beginning to end, and it will have you coming back for more!
If you've read any of Nina's books before, either from the Mackenzie Vampire Series or her Castle of Dreams Trilogy, then you are already well acquainted with our two favorite Cosmic Troublemakers, Sparkle and Graymede. If you do not know them, then you are in for one hell of a laugh! They're always making trouble *duh, it's their 'job'* but they always manage to turn it around to something positive, giving the reader PLENTY of laughs along the way.
The storyline is great, not too deep, but not so fluffy light that you're left wondering where the plot was lost between editing and publishing. Bang's stories, this book included, are always charming and captivating, and they will keep up until dawn trying to finish it! And the romance is scorching, a perfect combination of passion and true love.
And as if all of that wasn't enough to make you run out and grab this book, the story's world is filled with every paranormal creature you can imagine-- harpies, vampires *More than one kind, actually.*, werewolves, all kinds of shapeshifters, demons...the list is almost endless! The hero in A Taste of Darkness is not only a vampire, but also a sexy one that still carries his medieval sword with him and he's Scottish.. well, kind of. He and his 'family', the Mackenzies, kind of 'adopted' the name and heritage hundreds of years ago, but still, I can easily image the rough Scottish burr. :) What more can you possibly ask for?
5/5 STARS! One of the best paranormal authors out there, Nina Bangs delivers in this amazing, rollicking romance. A definite must read for any one, and don't forget to grab her other books--once you are introduced to one sexy vampire hero, you won't be able to resist the need to find out what is in store for the other ones!

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