Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Pleasure Unbound"

Synopsis From B&
In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life . . .
She's a demon-slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure-but fears it will always be denied her. Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise, and the head doctor, Eidolon, makes her body burn with unslakable desire. But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers, she must betray the surgeon who saved her life.
Two lovers will dare to risk all.
Eidolon cannot resist this fiery, dangerous woman who fills him with both rage and passion. Not only is she his avowed enemy, but she could very well be the hunter who has been preying upon his people. Torn between his need for the truth and his quest to find his perfect mate before a horrific transformation claims him forever, Eidolon will dare the unthinkable-and let Tayla possess him, body and soul . . .
Pleasure Unbound, the first in a brand new series by a newcomer author, Larissa Ione, is a perfect combination of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Add to that already perfect mix the steamy *Very, very verrrrry steamy!* sex scenes, the kick-butt action, and yes, even a few laughs and tears, and you have one of the best para-romances out there. And the best part? The series continues with the other two brothers. Unfortunately, those two books do not come out until early next year-- way too long, in my opinion, but I can wait...barely.
The story line is interesting, a fresh take in my opinion. Their world is complex and filled with unique characters and species, from thousands of different kinds of demons to weres and vamps, which only adds to the book, creating a multi-layer story, one that is not flat and 2-D, but instead one that seems 3-D, one that you can reach out and touch any time you want.
Even after you close this book, the characters and their lives will stay with you, both the bad, evil ones that you learn to hate through the story or the ones that you fall in love with, the ones you want to learn more about. Though I fell in love with Eidolon, the hero in this book, his two brothers *Who will, naturally, get their stories next*, were very interesting, both sexy alpha males that need a little TLC from their future mate to help to calm them down a bit, and I think that after their stories come out, I may or may not be changing my favorite hero of the series. For now, E is the one, capable of both hard, fast sex and smooth, slow loving-- a nice combination, in my book!
4.5/5 STARS! I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that Pleasure Unbound will keep you glued to your seat until the very end. You'll find yourself thinking 'Oh, I know what's going to happen next, no problem!' and suddenly BAM, it all changes around and you're not sure who to trust... A very intense plot, filled with everything you could possibly want-- action, love, fantasy/paranormal, passion, humor, suspense, and yes, even a bit of mystery. Wonderful!

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