Monday, October 27, 2008

"Shadow Magic"

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Bestselling author Cheyenne McCray’s Shadow Magic is dark and dangerous. And deeply sensual...


When Hannah Wentworth temporarily flees her life in San Francisco to join her sister D’Anu witches in Otherworld, she vows to help them conquer the evil bent on destroying the human realm. But the only one who can help her happens to be the king of the Dark Elves. The father to her nemesis, Rhiannon of the D’Anu. And the one man Hannah can never, ever trust...especially because of her dangerous attraction to him.


Garran knows that the beautiful, headstrong Hannah is wary of him for having banished his people to a life underground. But now Garran can right that wrong by helping her and the other gray witches in their dangerous battle in San Francisco—even if doing so means sacrificing the passion he’s found only in Hannah’s arms…

“Cheyenne McCray has created a fabulous new world. You won’t be able to get enough!”—Lori Handeland, USA Today bestselling author
Like the previous books in McCray's Magic Series, Shadow Magic is brimming with love, hot scenes *Really hot-- probably not for the faint of heart, especially since some of the scenes are very graphic and are not between the hero and heroine, but between the evil ones or other minor good characters...Just to warn ya!*, action, suspense, and delicious men. Fighting against evil has never been so good to read!
In between all the action and world saving, the two, Garran and Hannah, create a lot of steam. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because it wasn't meaningless sex, but something much deeper, even from the beginning. And Garran.. Oh my! Imagine this: black leather pants and boots, a long wicked sword, and chest straps on a very tall and fit man, who happens to have a sexy accent and, oh yeah, did I mention that he is the King of the Dark Elves? Those piercing silver eyes *Shivers*...WOW! He's protective, maybe a bit arrogant at times, but he's also very compassionate with her, almost enough to make you tear up, or at least sigh in pleasure.
Really, for a wonderful combination of a well written paranormal world, filled with action and various creatures, and a very sexy, very passionate love story, Cheyenne McCray is the author to check out! It's better if you read the series in order, but you could probably read them out of order and she still catches you up enough that you are lost. But believe me-- after you read one, you'll be dying to read the next one! I've loved the characters and story from book one, and after each one, I find myself having to choose *or at least try to* which hero is my favorite...It's hard, since all of the main men she puts in the story are irresistible! And if you enjoy these books, like I have, you may also want to check out her other books, including her romantic suspense series starting with Chosen Prey *Loved!*, and her erotica paranormal books *Which I have not read..yet*. You won't be disappointed!
4.5/5 stars! A brilliant combination of lust, love, and action, to name a few, mixed and delivered in a perfect package that will leave you wanting more!

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