Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"The Devil's Temptation"

Synopsis From B&
Lady Maura Daventry has been forced to endure the condemnation and whispered speculation of society ever since the murder of her scandalous mother. But when Maura inadvertently discovers that the wrong person might have been held responsible for the crime, she sets out to find answers by teaming up with Gabriel Sutcliffe, Earl of Hawksley, the one man who could prove to be a threat to her vulnerable heart: the devilishly handsome and dangerously seductive son of the very man once accused of her mother's death...
Though I was hesitant when I first started reading this book, mainly because the story seemed to move a bit slowly at first, by the time the hero and heroine met for the second time, I was hooked, drawn into the story completely, where I stayed until the very end. And what an ending it was!
Kimberly Logan's The Devil's Temptation is not only a sweet and steamy historical romance, but it's characters are intriguing and the plot is filled with suspense and mystery *Who killed Maura's mother and why? Are they still at large and was Gabriel's father murdered too? Only time will tell...*. Between the love story and the mystery case, you'll find yourself enjoying the book every step of the way. And like me, you will probably want to go back and read her previous books too.
The first book in this series, Sins of Midnight, covers Julian, the older sister's story, while the third one that came out this year, Seduced by Sin, covers the younger sister, Aimee's story. I have not yet read either one, but after reading DT, I am now anxious to read them. Especially Aimee's story, after I read the line at the end of this book, said by the mysterious killer, which said something alone the lines of:
"He'd be fine as long as the youngest daughter didn't remember what happened years ago.."
4.5/5 STARS!! The story is interesting and captivating, the love scenes and connection are both steamy and touching, and the hero, Gabriel, is delicious (Just his name alone... Gabriel...Gabriel...Gabriel! And come on-- his ripped six pack on the cover? Double Delicious!). A very charming, delightful, and sexy story that is filled with mysteries from beginning to end.

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