Monday, November 3, 2008

"Mistress of Scandal"

Synopsis From B&

Proper, reserved Francesca detests chaotic London and one of its most infamous inhabitants: her birth mother, the notorious courtesan Madame Aphrodite. Lovingly raised by the devoted Lady Greentree, she's content to remain in Yorkshire, far from the scandalous parent whose life and profession shock . . . yet intrigue her. But a dark, dangerous stranger she rescues on the moors is awakening a most improper desire—causing Francesca to question whether she is more her mother's daughter than she ever wished to be. When Sebastian Thorne agrees to protect Aphrodite's estranged daughter from a dire threat emerging from her past, the fallen lord is unexpectedly seduced by Francesca's beauty. But a vigilante living on the shadowy edge of society has little hope to own such a prize—and unless he reclaims his abandoned title and lost honor, Sebastian will never get close enough to the bewitching lady to save her life . . . or win her passion. Though I have not yet read the first two books in this series *Though I swear that they both look very, very familiar, and I am wondering if I may have read them and somehow forgot to mark them as read in my library...*, I think it's safe to say that Bennett's Greentree Sister Series is one filled with laughs, adventures, mystery and love. A great historical romance that is sure to charm almost every romance fan. The one thing that did bug me in the book was the hero and heroine's first love scene. She was a virgin, and yet he didn't think to stop and ask, instead he just pushed straight ahead *No pun intended*. Of course, the heroine didn't scream or yell out in pain or anger, she just accepted him like it was nothing, something that, in real life, probably would happen a bit differently. Also, the scene was kind of bland and rushed. I'm not asking for explicit erotic scenes all the time, but I felt that the first one, maybe even the second time, they made love was lacking, both physically and emotionally. If she, the author, had changed this part a bit, I probably would have given the book a 4.5 or possibly even a 5, who knows. Still, despite this one 'flaw', the rest of the story line was interesting and mysterious, it kept you wondering until the very end. The characters were very strong and intriguing, and the love between them was great. Not only did the H/H get their love story told in Mistress of Scandal, but also a few of the minor characters, all of which only added to the sweetness of the book. Their love scenes were both touching and yes, even a bit intense in the passion department. Besides the romance, which was very good, the book also had a good story plot and even a couple of laughs. A good combination, in my opinion. I will definitely try her other books, both in this series and in others. 4/5 STARS! A delightful and delicious romance novel, full of wit and charm, love and passion, mystery and suspense. Wonderful!


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