Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been Published! *

*Well, sort of! Let me explain... As you may know, one of the first ARCs I ever received to review (courtesy of LibraryThing's Early Reviewer last year) was Evermore by Alyson Noel. I loved the book (gave it 5 stars), and I wrote a glowing review of it, which I posted back on LT, which is required for the program, along with here on my blog and other booksites (Shelfari, Goodreads, etc) later on. Well, when I was checking out Noel's website and blog a few months after I'd reviewed it, I saw that on her sidebar, she had quotes from various reviewers of the book-- including one from my review! I was excited, of course-- who wouldn't be when you see something about that? Well, of course I told Alyson how surprised and humbled I was that she'd put it there, and I meant every word, the book really was (in my opinion) good! After that, I didn't really think anything about the quote from my review that she'd posted. But today... Ah, today I found out something even more surprising-- and very, very exciting! I promise, even though it may sound it at times (forgive my 'fangirl' moment, as they say), I'm not trying to sound stuck up or rub it in, I'm just trying to share some of my happy news with others-- and if you don't like it, that's fine, tell me then! I'd rather you tell me the truth than lie. Anyway, what should I find when I open up my copy of Blue Moon by Alyson Noel today? Any guesses? ..... That's right-- under the 'Praise for Evermore' page, the very first page when you open the book's cover, is the small quote from my review! With my name (The Book Queen) underneath! Forgive me while I have a moment! .::SQUEAL::. OK, Moment over! Sorry, but really, I see it as a big deal-- even though I'm glad that my review helped, in some way or another, to spread the word about her amazing book, I'm still very...thrilled to see my name (not just 'reviewer', but MY username!) printed in her book. Maybe it's a bit shallow of me, so be it. But I now have a faint taste of what it's like to publish your book and then have it finally sink in that yes, that is your name, your work, your book that others are reading. And to think-- I had no clue! She never said anything (not that I'm upset or anything!), and it was only when I opened up my copy today to start reading that I saw all the mini-reviews at the front and thought 'Oh, wouldn't that just be funny if she had part of mine in there?' It was just a silly question, I never in a million years would have dreamed that mine was really in there-- and on the first page of it, too! And I'm not going to lie-- it's a bit odd seeing your words printed on the page, knowing that others are reading it, too. I've written online reviews that (hopefully) people read, and I do have this blog, but it's just not the same as having it physically published, you know? Ah, I'll quit now, I've already got a bit of a big head tonight, no need to inflate it bigger! ;) No worries though-- this minor publication won't change me, nor will you see me keep bringing it up. In other words, you WON'T hear this from me: "Yes, your blog's nice, but do you have one of your reviews published in a book? *haughty look* I didn't think so!" That's not how I am, and if you know me, then you wouldn't question it. But if you don't know me well enough-- well, just trust me when I say this one post will be the only one, and I'm moving on! For one thing, I need to get up and start writing more reviews again, I'm ashamed to say that lately I've been slacking off since I've received very few books to review (But I've still reviewed every single title I've been sent by publishers and authors, it's just the books I've bought that have been neglected lately, and even the books that are already out still need a bit of free publicity every now and then, right?) ~~~ Anyway, that's it for tonight-- it's 5 minutes to midnight, and I'm going to bed! After a few chapters of Blue Moon of course! ;) Hope everyone has a good weekend (what's left), and look for my 'Want to Read List 3' tomorrow... hopefully I'll get them typed up on time! Enjoy! Until Next Time, The Book Queen


Anna said...

Congrats TBQ!! :)

Alaine said...

Congratulations that is fantastic! I don't blame you for being excited. I just started reading Evermore today and I love it and can't put it down so I can see why you would give it a glowing review!

Unknown said...


Hey, get excited, I would be! I love it when I got to an author's website and see something I've written there for everyone else to see. It only happened a couple of times, but I'll take it. So, Congrats!

I've just started Evermore, it's been on my TBR, and I'm finally getting to it.

Dottie :)

Blanche said...

How exciting!! Congratulations TBQ!! :)

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I would be over the moon too if I were you - how thrilling and exciting! You have every right to be excited! LOL!

Estefanie said...

Wow! That's awesome, TBQ!!! Congrats!

The_Book_Queen said...

Ah, thank you guys for the kind words. ;) You're right-- it is exciting, and I should be happy (I am, don't get me wrong!). It still just doesn't quiet seem real... LOL. Now I'll have to go and buy another copy of 'Blue Moon' and keep one safe on a shelf! ;)

And for those of you that have not yet read Evermore, I think you will definitely enjoy it-- it may be 'YA', but don't let that stop you! And if you're tired of vampires, this one doesn't have them-- they are just immortals that drink a red liquid which is NOT blood, but some sort of elixar they must take. Very interesting story and I love Damen-- even better than Edward! ;)


Amy C said...

That's so awesome!

I have a quote on a book that is coming out next month, but on the arc it doesn't say who the reviews are from, just that they are from fellow readers. I wasn't sure if it was a quote from my review so I had to look and sure enough it was! It was exciting, so say the least! I don't mind that it doesn't say who the review quotes are from...I know and that's the main thing. You can better believe I called my mom right up on the phone to tell her!

So you go right ahead and be excited! It's alot of work doing reviews, and it feels good to have that bit of reward!!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Book Queen-

Yay-- I'm so glad you saw it!

I was so excited when my publisher decided to include that!

Thanks for all that you do to promote books & reading!


Anonymous said...

Hey TBQ!

It's really great that you got your review and name put into a book! The look on your face when you showed me it, was a good moment. You were so lit up, you'd think it was Christmas morning and you got an unlimited gift card from B&N.

(So sorry for not visiting your blog site sooner! It's amazing!)

Your Friend,