Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Amy C from Romance Book Wyrm nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award-- Thank you so much! ;)
The Kreativ rules state that:
Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.
So, without further ado, here's my list (and believe me, its not as easy to think of 7 as you may think!):
1. Reading Fantasy and Romance novels. Yes, this is kind of a 'duh', since everyone knows I love books (hence the blog and the username), but it's true! I don't just 'enjoy' them , I love them! And not just any book, though I do try to read a little bit of everything at least once. Nope-- my favorite kind of book is one that I can find in the romance section of the store, or from the Teen Fantasy area. If it's there, I've either read it or it's on my list!
2. Cooking. Okay, I'm by no means the next 'Top Chief' (yes, I like to watch this show), but I can cook pretty good meals, if I do say so myself! As a child, I had to do a lot of the cooking through my highschool years after my grandmother (the cook of our house) had some complications. Even when she was better and back on her feet, it was a natural thing for me to head in at 5 and start cooking, and the 'hobby turned job' just kind of stuck. Of course, I love making desserts more than cooking dinner, but I do both and enjoy doing so. So far I haven's poisoned anyone, so that's good, right? ........
3. Cats. Whether it's the big, wild cats you can only see in the zoos or my (semi) tame ones sitting here at home with me, I love them. I'm an animal person, but cats are my favorite, and have been ever since I got my first kitty as a baby. He was a true Tom cat (and being a toddler, I named it 'Tom'. How original, I know.) and my family was at first worried that he'd be mean and vicious. They soon found out otherwise when he hooked on to me (not literally) and stayed there for years, until he became ill and soon passed on due to old age. He was the best, so cuddly and tame, yet with paws almost as big as a man's palm-- I'm not even joking! He was a true alley cat, born and bred, but when he saw me, he turned into a tame little kitty! ;) I miss him, of course, along with the other cats of mine that I've had over my lifetime who have since passed on. Currently, I have an inside cat (Sassy. FYI, her name matches her attitude, but I love her to death!) and an outside cat (Baby, who's about 5 years old, the tamest and quietest kitty you've ever seen! She's so used to living outside, I've never tried to change her and bring her in, but she knows that if she wants to, she can always come in to visit, eventually stay when she gets older I'm sure.)
Yes, they're both the same cat (Sassy). I tried getting on of Baby, but she's kind of a roamer and only comes around the house for food and attention before she's off again for the day. ;)
4. Food Network Channel. Okay, this could technically tie in with the 'cooking' one above, but they are different. I love watching this channel, it's pretty much the only one I ever have on, and except for a few shows that I can't stand (IE, Bobby Flay's or Rachel Ray's), I like everything else. Whether it's a cooking show or the 'Unwrapped', which shows you how different foods are made, I always find something interesting on to watch while I'm reading on the couch. It's great 'background ambiance' for me. Plus, I get tips and ideas from their shows, so it's 'educational', right? ;)
As for the picture....Two Words: "Good Eats". I love that show-- it's more funny than actual cooking like the others, but I enjoy it, even when he gets a bit ridiculous. Okay, maybe more than a bit....
Photobucket 5. The smell of Rain. Yes, it's a bit cliche, but I love it! And here in Utah, especially in Central Utah where I live, it's not an everyday occurrence, unfortunately, so when it rains, I'm outside standing in it. If they could only bottle that scent... I know, a few have tried with lotions and whatnot they call 'fresh rain' or 'spring rain', but it's no where near the real thing! It's so refreshing and addictive (at least to me). I prefer it to the smell of roses or some other exotic scent that so many like. I'm not really big on perfumes and things like that, no matter the scent, they end up being too strong and cloying for me, but if they could bottle Natural Rain, I'd be wearing it 24/7!
6. The smell of books. I think we had this conversation before, over at Ms. Moonlight's blog. People think the we're crazy, but trust me-- they do have a smell to them, a good one! LOL. It may be a tad bit obsessed, but there you have it! I've been known to do it in bookstores and libraries, but it's always best at home where no one's giving you that 'WTF?' look. Come on, admit it, most of you have probably done this too! ;-)
Oh, and no, that is not my face in the pic. I found it on Facebook's 'Button' collection.
7. Collecting pretty things. From porcelain dolls, which I've been in love with since I was a little girl, to beautiful pictures (the 'cheaper' kind, I don't own any 900 dollar piece of art, though I've seen a few I'd love to own....), my house is filled with them. Mostly from when I was smaller-- I've got a TON of porcelain dolls that I received for B-Day and X-Mas presents from my grandmother, who's also collected them her whole life. In fact, a few are quiet old, ones she has since passed on to me when she had to move into a smaller house. I keep them all in their boxes, to try and protect them as much as possible, and they take up almost as many shelves as my books do--and that's a lot! Some are cute baby doll look alikes, others are women dressed in Victorian dresses, and the oldest one is my grandmother's doll that she got from her mother (who got from her mother) as a wedding presents year go, dressed in an older-style wedding gown and everything.
Picture: The doll in the middle (pink dress) is one of my all-time favorite ones! I love her gown and everything, very pretty.
Okay, now on to the 7 people I'm passing this on to: Blanche from There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books
Elizabeth (AKA, Ms. M) from Moonlight to Twilight

I'm sorry I couldn't pick more than 7! :) But I hope you enjoyed the brief look into my 'life' with the 7 things I love. Even if you didn't get an award, I'm interested in hereing a few of your favorite things!

If you could only choose 7 things/people/hobbies/whatever that are your favorite, the things you cannot live without, the things that make you the person you are today, what would they be?

Until Next Time, The Book Queen


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Aww, thanks so much for thinking of me, I'm honored!

Amy C said...

Thanks so much for playing along! I enjoyed reading more about you.

As for smelling books, I do that! We are book junkies, aren't we :)?

And yes! I love the smell of rain. That smell never fails to trigger a memory of when we first moved to Germany (step dad was in the service) and me and my sister were in her room with the window wide open, it was real late or real early and we were suffering from jet lag and it has that smell in the air, now every time I smell it, I think of that night with my sister :).

You picked some very well deserving blogs!

Blanche said...

Wow TBQ!!

This is so kind of you.........thanks for the award! :)

VampFanGirl said...

TBQ! Thanks so much for this award. I'm completely flattered! And congrats on receiving it yourself.

(((HUGS))) VFG