Monday, August 3, 2009

July Reading List

Well, I finished 28 books for July.

Wow, right? Wrong!

Not because 28 isn't a lot, it is! I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with, however, is my other stats for the month. Shall we take a look at those ones now?

Reviews for July: 4

Number of books for my LT Paranormal 999 Challenge: 5

Number of books for my LT 999 Challenge: 4

Hm, now what's wrong with those last three lines? Oh, right, the numbers are waaay to low, at least for my tastes! Especially my 999 Challenges-- I have to finish those soon!

I need to pick it up this month! But I said that last month too, and look where it got me! (sigh)

Oh well. I'm just complaining, but really I shouldn't be-- a few is better than none, right?

Here's what I read last month. Notice that I had a lot of 4.5 and 5 star ratings? Was I too soft with my ratings for the books or did I really just have that great of a reading month for good books? Who knows! I'd like to think the latter, but...well, anything's possible!

What about the rest of you? What did you read, which ones did you enjoy?

Check back tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday, and in the meanwhile, I'm off to work on some reviews and the monstrous continuation of my 'WANT TO READ' posts. ;)

Until Next Time, The Book Queen

1 comment :

Blanche said...

Great list TBQ!!

I didn't read much and what I did read was mostly re-reads, not sure why since I have a bazillion new books just waiting to be picked up! I'm adding several from your list to my list! LOL