Friday, August 7, 2009

What Did I Receive?

This week I got two books in the mail, both from the lovely Amy C! Thanks again for sharing the book love! :D Here's what I got:
Author: Tammy Kane
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated Pub. Date: June 2009
Pages: 291
Genre: Paranormal
When the dragon came to claim him, Karl knew his great plan had gone horribly wrong. If he had known the creature was real, he wouldn’t have scoffed at the villagers… and he certainly wouldn’t have been so quick to let them chain him to a rock. Mattaen Initiates trained as warriors, but no man could defeat a dragon.
“My name is Elera, daughter of Shane. And you, Initiate, are my virgin prize.”
She had vanquished the beast and named her price: one night with the virgin sacrifice she’d saved. He’d taken a vow of chastity, but Karl still had a man’s needs—and Elera’s sultry curves made him ache to taste his first woman. With one scorching kiss she shattered his defenses… and led him into a world of deception and seduction, where he’d be forced to choose between the brotherhood that had raised him and the woman whose courage set his heart on fire.
Author: Livia Dare
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation Pub. Date: June 2009 Pages: 320
Genre: Paranormal
Summary (B&N):
An Infamous Beauty. A Daring Warrior. . .
For five years, Sapphire has been the king of Sari's most treasured concubine. Independent at last, she refuses to put herself in anyone's control again. But now another's meddling has led her into the path of proud, arrogant Wulfric, Crown Prince of the rival kingdom of D'Ashier...a man who is dangerous to her in every way.
And A Seduction That Could Destroy Them Both
The daughter of Wulfric's fiercest opponent, Sapphire is a prized warrior in her own right and highly skilled in the sensual arts—in short, Wulfric's perfect match. A lasting union is unthinkable, but the bargain they strike—to spend one night together, and then part—proves impossible in the face of a desire powerful enough to bring two countries to the brink of war, and two hearts to the point of surrender...
Thanks again, Amy. I'm sure I'm going to love them! :D
Next week, I think this post should be a bit bigger, I've got a few books coming soon that I won from different contests-- and there may even be on that I think I'm accidentally getting a double of, and if so, I've plans for a contest for the extra copy soon...
Until Next Time, The Book Queen

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