Sunday, September 13, 2009

B&N and My Self Control

What do those two words have in common? Well, they should never be in the same sentence together (unless it's speaking of my LACK of self control around B&N). But they also refer to what I did this weekend... And why my pocket's suddenly lighter while my TBR pile has grown even more! :D
I couldn't help it-- after such a long stretch without a B&N day, I had to stop in yesterday. To look, of course. I wasn't going to buy anything....
...Until I reminded myself that I had to buy my copy of Catching Fire-- I can't wait any longer to read it, so into my arms it went. It's their fault-- they had all the good, new releases sitting right inside the door, taunting me as I walked in! :D
I really was going to just walk around, see what's out, and then leave. But... as you can imagine, that didn't happen.
Luckily, it wasn't quiet as bad as my Dollar Store escapade a month ago! *Wink* It's a good thing it was only a one time shipment there, otherwise I could be in serious financial trouble right now...
Anyway, here's what I ended up walking out of B&N with this time.

Not Pictured:

  • Hunger by Michael Grant (My aunt grabbed this from me first, she's been waiting to read it after loving the first one! I'll have to get it back from her next week)
  • This month's RomanticTimes Book Reviews-- which is a bad thing, because it gives me more ideas for books to add to my Wish List, which is turn sends me to B&N again... It's a vicious cycle, but I can't break it! :D

I didn't receive any books in the mail this week (hence the lack of 'What Did I Receive' post Friday), but I am expecting quiet a few from contests, etc, so in the next week or so, I'll probably suddenly be bombarded by them all at once! LOL. Can't wait, of course... What's better than being trampled by a load of free books?

Also, if you're wondering where my Want to Read List is... Um, yeah, I'm going to have to put it off for a while. I will continue the list, and post it on here, but I think I'm going to have to drop it back even farther-- to only one list a month, not one a week. They just keep getting longer, and my free time keeps getting shorter!

In a way, it's good that I'm going to reduce it to once a month, because after I finish the current list of books I want to read (old and new books), then I'm going to start up a new monthly post, which I'm (for now) going to call "Books to Lust For".

Yes, the title is similar to The Story Siren's "Books to Pine For" that she does monthly. I'm not trying to copy, though I'll admit, her BOPF posts did help to inspire me. She highlights upcoming books, and she always has great ones on hers, which I then add to my own wish list. :D

My post would be similar, but I'm not going to copy hers. They would be my own book choices, and the post will be different.

And as for my August Reading list... Um, yeah, I don't think that's going to get posted! I'm sorry, but if you wish to know what I read last month, you can always go to my GoodReads page (There should be a link on my sidebar), and then click on the shelf 'Read in August', they're all there! :D

I'm trying to work on September's as I go, so that next month I'll be able to post it quickly, and not get behind.

Oh, and JennJ and Lindsay, who sent me three wonderful awards, I want to say "Thanks"! :D I really do appreciate them, and even though I'm behind and haven't post them back on here to pass them on (yet), I will, I promise. They are listed on my sidebar however, so I'm not completely behind!

Okay, off to enjoy the rainy day we're having-- aka, an excuse to sit inside and read! :D

Enjoy you weekend!

Until Next Time, The Book Queen


Lindsay :) said...

I'm the same way! Except I got to BAM. I can't walk in and leave with less than 3 books. It's just not fair to buy only one or two books. (That's my excuse anyway)


Anna said...

Haha! Your control is about has good as mine.

I recently read both Catching Fire and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and loved both of them. :))

Michelle Greathouse said...


I had my BAM moment Saturday night. LOL I walked out with 3 hardbacks and 4 trade paperbacks - but I was a good girl cause I got them on the marked down aisles. :)

I just finished Catching Fire before hopping on the net and I was shocked - completely shocked. :) I hope to have my reviews posted for both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire next week. :)


Teddyree said...

What an awesome shopping spree. Every single one of those is on my tbr pile or my wishlist or actually winging it's way from the U.S. Can't wait for your REVIEWS *evil grin*

Now on to the comment you left on my Monday post LMAO, I'm supposed to get caught up on 8 reviews in 7 days and a couple of extras for Royal Reviews. Any suggestions??
I will be back to check for your review, what day will it be up LOL

Alaine said...

Ok TBQ, I'm here to support Teddyree's nagging and ask when you are going to do your book review this week?

I don't blame you for getting carried away, you purchased some great books!

Okie said...

Bookstores are a downfall to my wife and I. We were getting lunch at the mall last week with my sister-in-law. Afterwards, we were ready to head home. She wanted to stop in at BN and see if they had a book she was looking for.

We tried to talk her out of it since at lunch all 3 of us had talked about the need to stay on a budget and not be buying any "extras" this month.

Unfortunately (well, sort of), we went in...and came out 10 minutes later and $60 poorer, but with some great finds to show for it.

The_Book_Queen said...

I can relate-- you can't walk out with only one, then it will be lonely! And think of all the other poor books left behind! :D

See-- it's this so called "self control" that we all have in common! :D
Ooh, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed both of them-- I think I'm going to post reviews on both of them when I get through. At least Catching Fire, which I'm working on now (So good!)

Michelle G,
You know, I think Saturdays are a dangerous day for any of us to go out and shop. It seems like by the time Sunday/Monday comes around, there are a lot of new books beings posted on our blogs! Lol.
I look forward to your review-- hopefully I'll have my own up as soon as I finish it. :D

See? That means we both have good tastes in books! *Wink* As if we didn't alreayd know that, right?
Ah, see, I knew I should never have posted that comment yesterday! Lol. Now you will hold me to it! Oh well, it's only fair. Okay, I promise to write a review for every book I bought this weekend. Which means first up is 'Catching Fire', since I'm reading that one right now.

Wow-- okay, so 8 reviews in a week, yeah, it can sound like a lot, but, hey, on the bright side, at least the reviews don't have to be freakishly long, right? Good luck girl! If you need any help, let me know. I'm not sure what I can do to help, beside offer support, but I'm here!

Oh no! Two of you to hold me to my word? *Hands in the Air* "I give up!" LOL. But really, thanks, maybe with the two of you 'hinting', I'll stick to it!

So here's my first goal-- to have a review for Catching Fire up by... Thursday. I think that should be enough time. Bring on the challenge!

It's true-- they've been my downfall too many times to count! *SIGH*. I can relate with you-- I keep telling myself to slow down the spending, work on all the books I've got at home... and then they have to put out new releases! Those are my true downfalls!

But I hope that you and your wife got some great books! And remember, we all need one guilty pleasure, and buying a pile of books once or month or so is a lot better than some other 'sins' out there!

Thanks everyone for commenting! Wish me luck on keeping to my Review Goal. Bug me until I get it done, you'll really be doing me a favor! :D


Blanche said...

Wow TBQ!!! What an amazing haul of books! You inspired me to go to Borders myself this evening! I however only walked out with 3 books (actually that was because hubby was with me)! I'm going back tomorrow! :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh TBQ, you are better than me... Those are "bad" words, lol!! Self Control... what is that!!!! I have none when it comes to walking into Borders.... or going online!! LOL!!!Then I even come up with these really cute reasons why I had to get those books... Like...
They were just screaming my name.
Oh, it was a sale...
I had a coupon...
My mom wanted to read this one... (Yea right, my Mom does not read my books, lol ~ but hubby doesn't know that... yet)
The covers were just really hot!!!
LMAO!!! Yes, I will use whatever excuse I can find!!!
I hope you have a great night and excellent book haul you got there!