Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heads Up-- A Better Way to Find Giveaways!

I just came acrossed a (new to me) website that allows you to search hundreds of blogs for on-going giveaways-- from books to jewlery and almost anything in between. This amazing site is called Giveaway Scout, and I think you guys will love it!

You can even submit your own blog to be added to the list-- fill out a simple form, and if it's accepted, the site will check your blog every so often for giveaways you may be hosting and list them on the site for free. Or, after your blog has been added to the site, you can manually add the giveaway information yourself!

Needless to say, I'm signing up, and I'll probably be looking on it often for more book giveaways-- after all, not all of us have the time to search every blog out there for the current contests, and this way you can find it all in one spot. Sounds like my kind of website!

Oh, and don't forgot to enter my contest for a copy of The Eternal Ones! The contest ends August 29th, so hurry up and enter! For full details on the rules, the book, and how to enter, click HERE!

Until Next Time!