Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reading Recap: Week of October 9th

Well, this week wasn't a good one for me...for more than one reason. Due to an unexpected death in the family, as well as life's little problems, I didn't get much time to read. 

Part of the reason for my lack of books was also due to being busy in the kitchen. I was trying out some recipes this week, Banana Crunch Muffins and Raspberry Cream Cheese Muffins. Both of them were a hit and I'll be making them again soon. :D

I only managed to read two books, both of which were full length, but neither one gets a review.

I did, however, get three reviews posted this week; I'd written them a few weeks ago, but just now got the go-ahead from NOR to post them. Hope you enjoy--Ever Knight, The Virgin Proxy, and Automagically!

Here's what I did manage to finish:

Unraveled by C.J. Barry was an enjoyable enough read; not my favorite, but I did like it and I am intrigued enough by the other characters mentioned to read the other books in this series. I thought the idea of the pyramids built around the various planets, including The Great Pyramids of Giza here on Earth, was a good one; even as a fictional storyline, it makes you wonder--did "aliens" build them, as they did in this story? The romance was quiet spicy, yet had it's tender moments a few times, and the characters were interesting. I could definitely use a Rayce of my own! :D 3.5 Stars. I've got the paperback version (out of print), which has a nice enough cover (right), but the new cover for NOOK is the one shown to the left. Which do you prefer?

The Pleasure Master by Nina Bangs was a hilarious, and sexy, hit. I loved every minute of it! Her books are always this way, especially when they include our favorite cosmic troublemaker in it, Genymede (I think that is how it is spelled?!). I was a bit taken back by Ian's attitude for the first part of the book, thinking that he was everything because he was the 'Pleasure Master', as well as the fact that he was sleeping with hundreds of women because it was his 'job'.  But I began to see that he is like this because he has never known love--be it from family, like his father and brothers, or a woman--has never known trust or gave it, and has never really known pleasure, at least not when it comes to him. Sure, he knows how to pleasure a woman well, and teach her how to do the same to her man of choice, but until Kathy, he's never known these feelings for himself. He's enjoyed the past women, loves women's body in general, but never has a woman wanted to give him pleasure--and succeeded at such an alarming rate! :D Simply fantastic, very funny, and Bangs had did a separate book for Colin and Neil (the brothers), instead of just showing in this book part of how they wooed their women.... Ah well. 5 Stars!

What did you read this past week? Or, have you read any of the books I just listed above--if so, what were you thoughts on them? Let us know!


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Lover Of Romance said...

Hey there! Those recipes sound divine, its always good to spend quality time in the kitchen. I have never heard of C.J. Barry but I am planning on reading Unraveled soon and I just love Nina Bangs-she produces such fun and sexy stories!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by Renee!

Not to brag, but both recipes turned out great! I found them online, did a bit of tweaking myself, and I have to say I loved how they turned out. If you want, I'm willing to share my "secret", just let me know (ie, email) if you're interested!

This was my first time reading Barry's books, and I enjoyed it; I hope that you do as well. I've added all her others to my list for future reading. :)

Nina Bangs quickly became one of my auto-buy authors after I read one of her books a few years ago. Now I'm mostly reading her older ones, as I noticed she hasn't published many new ones lately. But that's okay; I love hers enough to go back again and again for a re-read! 'Fun and sexy' is the perfect way to describe her books to those who haven't tried them. :D

Today I spent most of my time washing dishes (how did they build up so high?!), cleaning my oven, and finally settled down to finish a book. I can only hope your weekend has been a bit more eventful than mine! :D