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[Review]: "All You Desire"

Title: All You Desire
Author: Kirsten Miller
Series: The Eternal Ones, 2
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: August 9th, 2011
Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance
Summary (
Haven Moore and Iain Morrow have been living a blissful life in Rome, an ocean way from the Ouroboros Society and its diabolical leader. But paradise is not to last. The mysterious disappearance of Haven's best friend, Beau, sends the pair running back to New York, where they encounter the Horae, an underground group of women who have spent centuries scheming to destroy Adam Rosier. Only they can help Haven uncover the secret to Beau's whereabouts in one of her past lives. But their help comes at a price: Haven must infiltrate the Ouroboros Society, charm Adam Rosier, and lure him into a trap. It's a plan the Horae believe will save the world-but Haven and Iain fear that it may destroy the happiness they've been chasing for two thousand years.

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My Review:

The Eternal Ones continues with book two in the series, All You Desire. Haven and Iain are in hiding, trying to live out this lifetime they have together in peace, enjoying the deep love between them without any of the horrible interruptions they've had every time for the past 2,000 years. But though their love lasts forever, the peace will not. Soon Haven notices people watching her, following her, and she knows that once again their time may soon be up, if they aren't careful about who they trust...

When Haven is told that her best friend, and brother from a past life, is missing in New York after flying up there to meet his “soul mate”, another reincarnated soul, she is prepared to do anything to get him back safe and sound. Even if it means risking her life...and that of Iain, who is suppose to be dead as far as the rest of the world is concerned. It's a hard decision to make, but after all that Beau has helped her through over the years, she can't just forget about him and hope for the best. Needless to say she finds the quickest plane to New York, with Iain in tow; they both know the risk, yet they are determined to get in, get out (with Beau), and hopefully with Adam Rosier none the wiser. If only life was that simple....

There is so much going on in this book; every time you think you've got it figured out, Miller throws something new at you and suddenly you're not so sure anymore. I loved this, as it kept me on the edge of my seat and also made me think about what I was reading, trying to reach the next conclusion before Miller revealed it to us (though that rarely happened; she's too good). Besides being able to write an amazing mystery/suspense element into this book, Miller also excels at weaving into the story the complex emotions felt by the characters, especially Haven, Iain, and, to some degree, Adam. I may not have acted like Haven did, in fact I know that many of her actions and decisions in this book made me want to bang my head against the wall—or better yet, bang hers. But I still loved every moment of it, and in the end it all came together for a reason.

I won't go into too much detail about the various plots in All You Desire as I don't wish to ruin it for any future readers out there. However, I will say that if you thought there was a lot of absorb in The Eternal Ones, then you are in for one heck of a ride during this one!

4.5 STARS! Another wonderfully written book by Ms. Miller, All You Desire truly has everything a reader could ask for: sweet romance, a fantastic storyline, enough mystery and suspense to keep you reading well into the night, and perhaps the most important element of all—making you want an Iain of your own that will search for you again and again over the long centuries because you are his one true love! I can't wait for future books by this talented author, especially more sequels to The Eternal Ones. After all, this one ending with a big surprise, a cliff hanger that lets you know it's not over yet, and Adam still walks this world, waiting to strike....

I received this book from the publisher a few months back in ARC form in exchange for a review. My review is not based on the fact that I received this book free of charge, but is instead a fair and honest review of the book.


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