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[Review]: "Night Light"

Title: Night Light
Author: Amy Blankenship
Series: The Blood Bound Series, 2
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: September 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Summary (
Quinn Wilder has watched her with the hungry eyes of a cougar since the day she was born. When she became a teenager, the temptation to claim her as his mate quickly became a rift between him and her overprotective brothers. When their fathers killed each other in battle, the ties between the two families were severed and she was taken safely out of his reach. Stalking her from a distance, Quinn finds the vampire war has its good points when she forgets to stay away. Kat Santos hadn't seen the owner of Night Light for years. That is until Quinn suddenly decides to kidnap her and accuse her of setting him up for the vampire murders. Realizing the enemy is playing them, the two families combine their strength to stop the vampires from terrorizing their city. As the underground war escalates, so do the flames of desire as what started out as a kidnapping quickly turns into a dangerous game of seduction.

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My Review:

Night Light picks up (more or less) where book one, Moon Dance left off, as is the way the series is to be enjoyed. With so much going on, it'll be easy to get lost, but not if you follow carefully and be sure to keep in mind that many things were either explained in book one or will be explained in future books. From page one you are thrown right back into the story; be sure to fasten your seat belts because this is going to be one bumpy ride!

This novel basically covers Kat and Quinn's story, but in Blankenship's typical writing style, all the books are meant to be one big one, with the various characters showing up again and again, each time letting us find out a bit more about them. The focus of the story is not so much the romance of any one couple, or the romance in general really, but rather the paranormal world they are living in, the creatures they are fighting, and the romance plays the second string, there for a few pages and then gone again until it is needed again.

We find out in Night Light that Kat and Quinn are mates...and have been, technically, for over 10 years, though Quinn has been oblivious to the fact. One night, back when Kat was still 16, she made her first (and particularly strong) batch of Heat, the special liquor blend the shifters enjoy. Quinn came by and they started to drink. After most of the bottle, both of them were a bit tipsy, Quinn more so than Kat, and after he mated with her that night, he woke up the next morning with no memory of it and has stayed as far away from her as possible ever since.

Left with the mating mark and a missing mate, Kat has been holding it in ever since... but when she once again finds that same bottle of Heat n the pantry, she decides it's time to numb the pain. And, of course, who should come over right then but Quinn himself. This time it's Kat that has the liquor addled brain, but not enough to make her forget what happened 10 years ago... and tired of Quinn playing macho man and demanding to know who mated with her, she finally tells him the truth. Neither one of them gets much sleep that night; after all, they have ten years to make up for!

Meanwhile, the rest of the (many) characters are busy trying to fight the evil they feel in the city. And it's going to take every last one of them if they want to make it out alive. The demon that is trapped below the city, slowly gaining enough power to get herself out, won't be as easy to kill as the vampires they've been up against lately, but when you have shifters, demi-gods, fallen angels, and other paranormal people/creatures on your side, anything is possible. And so the fight begins...

4 STARS! Another wonderful story in this very intricate paranormal series! A word of advice, however: this is the type of series that is best enjoyed when read in order, and even better if it is read back-to-back with no delay between all the books. I made the mistake of allowing a few weeks, and many other books, to come between book one and two, and at times I had to stop and backtrack to make sure I was following the correct characters and storyline. If you wish to dive into a paranormal world, one with a very hot romance on the side, then I would highly recommend Blankenship's Blood Bound Series!

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for the review. My opinion on the book has nothing to do with receiving the book for free. Thanks again, Amy!

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